Summerslam – What Was The Point?

SummerSlam Plans Changing

Even though I saw it coming a mile away, Summerslam was a huge disappointment in my eyes. While I have no doubt that some people enjoyed it, here are my reasons to be extremely let down by one of this year’s biggest pay-per-views.

Pre-Show Hardyz

From the start, Summerslam had an odd vibe. Early during the pre-show, the Hardyz came out to face the Miz and his entourage, alongside Jason Jordan. However, when they came out, there was barely anyone in the arena!

Both the Miz and the Hardyz are main pay-per-view material, so how does the WWE justify putting the match in the pre-show with hardly anyone to see it?

Shinsuke Nakamura Loses

Even though most of the pay-per-view was horrendous, I think this was the match that really upset people. Nakamura losing to someone like Jinder Mahal is an insult to our intelligence! The WWE is still set on India promotion and needs Canadian Jinder Mahal to do it. So, is the WWE willing to ruin the career of a talented wrestler to conquer the Indian market? It seems like they are!

Corbin Loses More Than His Briefcase!

I’m left to wonder, what the hell was the point in letting Corbin win the Money in the Bank briefcase. Since his win, he did nothing with the briefcase, except for losing it! Then, he heads to Summerslam to be beaten quickly by John Cena.

It honestly seems like the WWE is burying Corbin at the moment. Losing the briefcase was not something Corbin’s early career can withstand to easily. Then, a devastating loss to Cena makes Corbin look even weaker and not like a real contender in the WWE. So, I ask again: what was the point?

Rusev Receives Devastating RKO?

If the WWE wanted to make Orton look great, they succeeded by making Rusev lose after one RKO. This one does not need an explanation. Orton lost repeatedly to Jinder Mahal, then Rusev loses to Orton with one RKO.

Nobody has any idea why Rusev took such a loss, but there is speculation that Rusev is being punished. The same applies to Baron Corbin, but we can only speculate why.

Brock Lesnar Stays Part-Time Champion

Despite having three people who are more dedicated to wrestling and who work their behind off every single day, Brock Lesnar remains the part-time champion after Summerslam. Even though I knew this would happen, based on the Tweet from Barclays Center, I so wished I was wrong.

The people that really stood out during this match was anyone but Lesnar. Actually, Lesnar got carted away on a stretcher in the beginning of the match, only to return later and do his usual suplex shtick. After this match, the crowd was drained, and frankly so was I.

What was your opinion on Summerslam? Did you enjoy it? Or did you expect more from one of the biggest pay-per-views of the year? Let us know your unsalted opinions in the comment section below! We look forward to reading them!