Rusev & Lana Leaving WWE? – The Truth Behind the Rumors

Rumors surrounding the Ravishing Russian and the Bulgarian Brute have been rampant. Several wrestling websites even posted that Lana and Rusev had asked for their release from the WWE! So, what is the truth and what is fiction?

Unfounded Rumors Released As Truth on Wrestling Podcast

The rumor that Lana and Rusev had asked for their release was released on the Dirty Sheets podcast. Unfortunately, the rumor was not mentioned as a rumor, which caused many wrestling websites to pick up on the news and post it promptly to their website.

Where Did the Rumor Come From?

Rumors surrounding the impending release of Lana and Rusev stem from (surprise, surprise) another rumor! Various sites posted that Rusev was unhappy with WWE Creative since he recovered from his injury.

With Rusev not appearing as much on WWE television, and his quick loss during Summerslam, it prompted many to speculate that his release was imminent. However, these are all rumors and there has been no official statement from the WWE, Lana or Rusev! Therefore, these rumors should never have been released as truth in the first place!

Tweets from Lana

Even though there has been no official statement from Rusev as of yet, Lana has responded to the rumors on her Twitter account. When she was asked why she wanted to be released by the WWE, here is what Lana had to say:

Harsh words from Lana, but well-founded since such rumors could have a negative impact on her and Rusev’s career. Lana is currently building her character on SmackDown Live, so these rumors could cost her dearly. I personally love the cooperation between Lana and Tamina at the moment and find them the most interesting to watch. So, I truly hope that these nasty rumors now stop.

Any Word from Rusev?

Rusev does not deal with a lot of media because he is quite known as a notoriously private person. Therefore, it is no surprise that there has not been much of a response from Rusev’s side.

Despite that, he always makes time for fans. I never heard any stories about Rusev being rude to fans coming up to him, despite him being quite a private person.

Still, if you want more Rusev, I seriously recommend following him on Twitter. Whenever I need a good laugh, nothing beats some Rusev humor. Here are my favorite recent tweets!

What Needs to Be Done?

False rumors posted as truths are a common problem in our business, unfortunately. However, Ringside Intel takes pride in providing accurate information.

When something is a rumor without evidence, then it should clearly state that. Unless something has been confirmed by the wrestler in question or by WWE officials, rumors should never be posted as true. Unfortunately, some reporters abuse rumors to get more traffic to their blogs or podcasts.

What do you think about the rumor surrounding Lana and Rusev, and how quickly it got out of hand? Let us know your unsalted opinions in the comment section! We look forward to reading it!