Puma Releases Legendary WWE Shirts!

The WWE shop is no longer the only place where you can get some WWE merchandise because Footlocker and Puma also offers a great variety of legendary WWE shirts too. Check out some of the possibilities below!

PUMA WWE Flair Belt Photo T-Shirt for Men

Wrestling lovers who are big fans of Ric Flair will love this shirt available at Footlocker! The T-Shirt is a part of a bigger series of T-shirts, featuring other WWE legends such as Steve Austin, Ultimate Warrior, Randy Savage, Andre the Giant, and the Undertaker.

Even though there is still Ric Flair merchandise available on the WWE shop, the shop mainly focuses on the current WWE roster. So, it is certainly nice to see a new legends shirt being released!

PUMA WWE Piper Photo T-Shirt for Men

Unfortunately, this specific shirt is only available for men. Quite a shame, because this is my favorite shirt in the bunch and something I would order immediately. Still, if you are a bloke and a fan of this legend, this shirt cannot be missing from your collection!

PUMA WWE Iron Sheik Photo T-Shirt

The Iron Sheik is one of the greatest heels in wrestling history in my humble opinion, so a cool new shirt to celebrate his evilness is certainly not a bad idea. While I’m not a big fan of orange on any shirt – one of the main reasons I do not own a John Cena shirt – I would gladly make an exception for the Iron Sheik.

PUMA WWE Warrior Photo T-Shirt

Everyone should own an Ultimate Warrior T-shirt! If you do not own one yet, then a new release from PUMA should certainly be on your shortlist.

With the typical Ultimate Warrior design in the center, this is also one of my favorite shirts PUMA released. I also need to mention they deliver the print on various colors, so if you would like something different than black PUMA is likely to have it.

PUMA WWE Undertaker Photo T-Shirt

Of course, a series of WWE legend T-shirts would not be complete without the Undertaker. One of the things that immediately stood out to me is how different this shirt is from most Undertaker shirts available at the WWE Shop. I own quite a few Undertaker shirts, but I must admit that I do not own any like this.

Like the Ultimate Warrior series, the Undertaker Shirts are available in different colors. So, if you want to step away from the usual black, you could choose anything from white to blue!


Even though the range of shirts at Footlocker is not nearly as big as the shirts available at the WWE webshop, we did find it important to inform you about their existence!

What do you think about these shirts available at Footlocker? Will you be getting one, or do you prefer to get your merchandise from the official WWE shop? Let us know your unsalted opinions in the comment section below. We look forward to reading them!

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