How A Beach Ball Completely Took Over WWE Programming

One of the most memorable moments during this year’s Summerslam was the moment when Cesaro ripped up a beach ball that was being tossed around during the pay-per-view.

Beach balls being tossed around during matches are seen as a sign of disrespect, so the incident has certainly attracted the attention of many wrestlers and even WWE creative.

What Happened?


In case you missed Summerslam, something I would not blame you for at all, here is the heart of the story. During the match between Sheamus & Cesaro and Dean Ambrose & Seth Rollins, a bobbing beach ball was going around the crowd. Cesaro spotted the beach ball and in true heel style decided to do something about it.

It is currently unclear if Cesaro saw the beach ball as an opportunity to shine as a true heel, or if he was actually offended by the beach ball being tossed around during the match. If he was offended, you could not really blame him though, because at the end of the day it is quite the insult to toss a beach ball around in the middle of a pay-per-view match.

Cesaro did post a reaction to the beach ball incident but did not let on to his true motives. The only thing Cesaro mentioned, was that he found himself to be a true “professional ball buster”. I leave the interpretation to you.

Road Dogg’s Tweet

It happened AGAIN on Monday Night Raw. WWE’s own Road Dogg has spoken out about the incident with a pointed Tweet in the direction of the WWE Universe. While many believe it to be a sign of disrespect, some fans see it as fun. Some fans even stated that it was meant to show their displeasure at an unimpressive pay-per-view.

A Common Problem


The beach ball problem is quite common at RAW and SmackDown tapings, and even during pay-per-views. Later, it even came to light that there was more than one beach ball circulating the crowd! Even during the Finn Balor match, the audience was not paying attention to the matches going on.

If you intend to bring a beach ball to a WWE live taping, I would not suggest it though. Fans have been ejected from live events in the past for blowing up a beach ball and circulating it.


According to PWI, WWE has banned beach balls. Good!

Following a number of incidents involving beach balls at Summerslam and Monday Night Raw this week, WWE officially banned not just beach balls but all pool-related paraphenalia from last night’s Smackdown.

We are told an edict from WWE was issued to all security staff at the Barclays Center informing them that beach balls, pool noodles or any other inflatable items that could be bounced around were banned from the event.

My Opinion on It All


Even though I do not agree with the beach balls being circulated during the match, because it is disrespectful for people who have been working hard for the event, I do believe that the beach ball incident is a sign of something bigger that is wrong with the WWE.

Let’s face it, if the bookings were right and there were some amazing matches and storylines on display, I doubt that a lot of people would be inclined to play with a beach ball. In my opinion, Summerslam was a big failure. Does that allow fans to disrespect the wrestlers? No.

What do you think about the beach ball incident? Harmless fun? Or something a little more serious? Let us know your unsalted opinions in the comment section below!


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