Sami for Syria – WWE Superstar Raising Money for War Victims

The WWE does not shy away from charity, but individual Superstars are also known to do things for charity as well. This time it is Sami Zayn who is raising money for Syrian people who have been devastated by war.

What Is Happening in Syria?

The war in Syria has been raging since 2011. The main players in the war are the rebels, who want to dethrone the current president, and the actual president of Syria and his forces. The war has left 10 million people without a home, desperately trying to flee the country.

How Is Sami Zayn Raising Money for the People of Syria?

Sami Zayn is a Syrian-Canadian, so it is no surprise that the war in Syria is something that is upsetting for him. To help the people who are still in Syria and being subjected to the horrors of war every day, Sami is collecting donations which will go to a mobile medical clinic.

The mobile medical clinic he’s supporting has no political affiliations and is independent, even though it originates in the United States. Its main focus is the Syrian people – not the ridiculous political game played by world super powers and the Syrian president.

Kevin Owens Donates Huge Amount

Everyone knows that Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn are best friends in real life, despite their excellent rivalries that have played out on our TV screens. Kevin Owens is also a genuine nice guy, which he proved again by donating a huge amount of money to the project.

Kevin and his wife Karina – real last name Steen – donated a whopping $5,000 to the project. The donation was spotted by a fan, who immediately took to Twitter to point out the act of kindness.

What Are Others Doing?

In my view, this is a worthy cause for which I gladly put something near and dear to me on the line – my hair. I set up my own donation channel, and every donor gets to vote for a funky hair color I should dye my hair. Once the goal is reached, I will do a live stream and dye my hair in that color. I had the idea after the success of the “ice bucket challenge.”

Of course, one mobile clinic won’t change the face of the war, but it’s too easy to forget the real human cost of the conflicts we see on our TVs. We see numbers of casualties and pictures of devastated cities, but we rarely see the people.

Are there any other WWE-related charities you donate to or help out? Let me know in the comments section!