Noam Dar Is Obsessed with the Great Khali!

It seems like I am not the only one who is excited to see the Great Khali back because Noam Dar appears to be quite the fan. In case you missed it, the Great Khali made a surprise appearance at Battleground this weekend! So, let us give you a quick recap if you missed it!

Supporting Jinder Mahal

Jinder Mahal was in danger of losing the title to Randy Orton during the Punjabi prison match, despite the help of the Singh brothers.

Still, Randy got a nasty surprise as he was climbing on the outer cage because the Great Khali came out and sabotaged Randy’s victory! In the end, Jinder took the win and retained the title.

While the loss of Randy Orton was devastating for many of his fans, nobody expected the return of the Great Khali. For many fans, his return certainly signified a very strange PPV.

Noam Nerding Out on the Great Khali’s Return!

Even though the commentary team was extremely excited about his return, it seems like Noam Dar had a true nerd moment after the Great Khali’s appearance. Posting the following Tweets, Noam had a field day!


Does this mean Alicia Fox is no longer the most important person in his life?

The WWE’s Plans with the Great Khali

The initial response of the Great Khali’s return was positive (like Noam Dar’s) until he cost Randy Orton the title. Of course, this is no fault of the Great Khali himself, because Jinder Mahal’s title run has been filled with controversy.

I personally believe that the WWE got the Great Khali involved because of the lack of support Jinder has received from the WWE Universe. Even though he is a heel and supposed to be booed, I believe that his title run has left much to be desired in the eyes of the WWE management.

So, does this mean that the Great Khali will be sticking around? Only time will tell!

Bad Points for WWE Storytelling

Yes, it is always nice to see the Great Khali, but a lot of fans were disappointing with how his return unfolded. Many people believed the return of the Indian giant was somewhat unbelievable, especially the ease he handled Orton with.

Here are some of the responses of the WWE Universe:

My Opinion

I have to be honest, I thought the match between Mahal and Orton was horrendous, until the surprise return of the Great Khali. Normally, I can smell an impending return a mile away, but this time I could not!

Other than the last match, the PPV was still better than Great Balls of Fire in my opinion. Still, I’m curious to learn what you guys think about the latest SmackDown developments!

What do you think about WWE Battleground overall? What did you think about the return of the Great Khali? What do you believe the WWE should have done for Battleground? Let us know your unsalted opinions in the comment section below, and we will thoroughly enjoy reading them!

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