Here Are The Best Big Men in WWE History

Being big in the WWE has always had its advantages, just think about the number of big wrestlers that have made a career in the WWE over the years. Curious who is our number 1 big wrestler? Read on to find out!

1. The Big Show


There is only one man that could be on our number one spot – the Big Show! Dubbed as the world’s largest athlete, the Big Show has showed the wrestling universe that a big man can definitely wrestle!

2. Andre the Giant

One of the biggest men in WWE history without a doubt – Andre the Giant. With hands bigger than most people’s heads and an imposing presence, Andre the Giant was responsible for many exciting matches with numerous wrestling legends; this includes Hulk Hogan!

3. Diesel

Diesel a.k.a. Kevin Nash is another big man in WWE history that is difficult to forget. As a member of the nWo and WCW, Kevin Nash is going down in history as one of the most memorable big guys of the Attitude Era.

4. Big Boss Man

Even though Big Boss man is not quite as big as the Big Show, the man is a legend that will be remembered fondly for his intimidating presence inside and outside of the ring. His promos were also unforgettable, just think about the segment between himself and the Big Show at the Big Show’s dad’s funeral!

5. Braun Strowman


When you talk about big men in the WWE, it is difficult to ignore Braun Strowman. Since striking out on his own, away from the Wyatt family, Strowman has done nothing but impress with his sheer strength! Now dubbed the monster among men, Braun Strowman is truly someone to be feared in the ring.

6. Big Cass


Big Cass has not really established himself yet since splitting from his tag partner Enzo. Still, his partnership with Enzo certainly introduced this giant to the WWE Universe, because everyone know that Big Cass is seven foot tall and that you can’t teach that!

7. Vader

Even though Vader has left the WWE a while ago, he is still wrestling today. Despite the major health issues he is struggling with at the moment, he refuses to leave the ring and stop wrestling. Therefore, this giant certainly deserves a spot on my list.

8. Big E

It was hard to put Big E so low on my list, but there are so many big men that have made their mark on the WWE, it is hard to give them all the spot they truly deserve.

Big E has been around in the WWE longer than most people think, but most people now remember him as a part of the hit tag team the New Day. Still, despite being focused on the tag team division, Big E is certainly an impressive big man in WWE history.

What is your top 8 of big men in WWE history? Would you add someone to this list? Or do you agree with my overview of the best big men? Let us know in the comment section below!

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