Former WWE Referee Speaks Out About Chris Benoit’s Death

Chris Benoit

The double murder and suicide of Chris Benoit is one of the most controversial subjects within the WWE. To this day there is almost no trace of Chris Benoit on the WWE Network and WWE management has been hush-hush about the situation for years. But now a former WWE referee has spoken out about the night the news of Benoit’s death reached the WWE.

What Happened with Chris Benoit?

If you only started to watch wrestling a couple of years ago, you might not be familiar with this story. Chris Benoit was one of the WWE’s most inspirational wrestlers. Unfortunately, he murdered his son and his wife on June 22, 2007. He would hang himself two days later.

An autopsy would later prove that Benoit had severe brain damage caused by multiple concussions. Which poses the question: did Benoit know what he was doing when he committed the murders?

The Mood Backstage

The WWE has not said a lot about the mood backstage after Benoit’s and his family’s death. Now, former referee Marty Elias has spoken out about the atmosphere backstage.

Marty Elias called the atmosphere after the death of Chris Benoit “the craziest and most eerie moment in the company.” According to Elias, a meeting with Vince and Stephanie was called when the news hit the WWE. He also stated the following about the situation:

“I mean it was so surreal. Everybody were scratching their heads, and I remember people dispersing, and going off and crying. People just literally being in shock and awe.

When they found out that it was a murder/suicide… everything just kind of stood still. We had another talent meeting, and we were advised that we weren’t gonna do anything for Chris.

It was just a whole different vibe. I’ve been backstage at WWE so many times, but that particular instance, during that whole time, was a whole different vibe.”

John Cena Speaking Out On Erasing the History of Chris Benoit

Not everyone agrees with Chris Benoit being erased from WWE history, especially after the details of the autopsy were revealed. John Cena is one of the superstars that spoke out about Chris Benoit being erased from wrestling history.

“People will do bad things. But if they are good at what they do, sometimes those things are overlooked.”

“I don’t in believe that. I believe you should take ownership for your actions. All of them.”

Changing the Health & Wellness Policy

The story of Chris Benoit certainly forced the WWE to change their wellness policy and keep closer tabs on their wrestlers. Even though the health & wellness policy of the WWE is not perfect yet, wrestlers are certainly a lot safer than a decade ago.

What do you think of the fact that WWE has erased Chris Benoit from wrestling history? Do you believe he should still get a spot in WWE history? Let us know your unsalted opinions in the comment section below!

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