Conflict Between Hardyz and Jeff Jarrett Heats Up

Matt Hardy’s “Broken” gimmick is one of the most discussed wrestling gimmicks to date.

For weeks now Hardy and Jeff Jarrett have been arguing endlessly about the acquisition of the gimmick, which Matt considers to be his. But now the conflict has heated up with Reby Hardy – Matt’s other half – accusing Jarrett of lying.

Twitter Wars About the Broken Gimmick

Reby Hardy and Matt Hardy have been quite outspoken about the Broken gimmick and the fact that Jeff Jarrett is holding the gimmick hostage.

With several Broken references being made by the Hardy Boyz on Monday Night Raw, many believed that a deal had been reached between Impact Wrestling and the Hardyz. However, now Jeff Jarrett has denied that any deal was made – and Matt’s wife subsequently took to Twitter to address the situation.

Discussing the Alberto Del Rio Situation

The alleged domestic abuse situation that is currently playing out between Paige and Alberto Del Rio/El Patron did not escape Reby, either, as she addressed the situation the same day. It is clear that the relationship between the Hardy family and Impact Wrestling has soured, because Reby took several (rightful) shots at Impact Wrestling management.

Lying Jeff Jarrett Claim Supported by Shane Helms

Several wrestlers are not that happy with Impact Wrestling at the moment, and specifically with Jeff Jarrett. Hurricane Helms left the company some time ago, while taking several shots at Jeff Jarrett.

Hurricane Helms also took to Twitter to tell the world Jeff Jarrett is a liar, closely followed by a retweet by Reby Hardy.

As an independent wrestling reporter, I have to mention that these are allegations and that they have not been supported by evidence. As it stands today, neither party has provided clear evidence of each other’s allegations. Of course, we will keep you posted if this changes.

Jeff Jarrett Discusses the Broken Gimmick and Alberto El Patron

Jeff Jarrett has released some statements about these two topics over the past couple of days. He stated that the company is currently investigating the domestic violence incident involving El Patron, and that the champion would be suspended until a decision is made.

On the subject of the Broken gimmick, Jeff Jarrett still firmly believes that the Broken Hardy Gimmick is still the intellectual property of Anthem Entertainment and that no decision regarding the acquisition of the gimmick has been made. When Jarrett was asked if the Hardyz have the rights to the characters, catchphrases, and other related things, he answered “No, they haven’t.” This was the answer that infuriated Reby and prompted her to take to Twitter.

It is clear that the conflict between the Hardyz and Jeff Jarrett is not going to be resolved anytime soon. Honestly, I can see valid points from both parties. Jarrett is looking out for Impact Wrestling, while the Hardyz invented the gimmick, so it is their brain child. Time will tell how this will play out.

What do you think about Jeff Jarrett and his attitude towards the Hardyz? Do you believe he should have handled the El Patron situation differently, especially with the claims he was aware of the alleged abuse beforehand? Let us know in the comment section below.