These Wrestlers Just Couldn’t Get Out of Their Own Way

WWE wrestling has always been a high-pressure environment, so it is no surprise that some wrestlers crack under that pressure. There have been several wrestlers over the years who could have been even greater than they already were, but got in their own way with substance abuse. So, without further ado, here is the overview of wrestlers who got in their own way.

Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts

Despite his extensive career and fame, Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts struggled with some serious substance abuse. His story is also one of the most documented ones in WWE history.

Even though there were stories circulating of Jake turning up to events intoxicated, his problem did not get to epic proportions until the year 2000. Jake became increasingly more addicted to alcohol and drugs and would eventually go to rehab in 2007. However, Jake would not get better permanently until Diamond Dallas Paige stepped in and helped him get clean and sober.

Scott Hall

Scott Hall also had some serious substance abuse going on in his career. Unfortunately, things would blow up for him when he appeared at a wrestling event so intoxicated he could no longer function. Scott Hall eventually got sober, but not without the help of Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts and Diamond Dallas Paige.

Jeff Hardy

One who had his addiction come to light quite publicly is Jeff Hardy. Even though he was one of the most exciting WWE Superstars to watch during his first run in the WWE, the daredevil struggled with substance abuse.

The substance abuse problem of Jeff Hardy became clear to everyone when Jeff appeared for a match against Sting, but could not function since he was completely out of it. Sting pinned him in under 2 minutes.

Jeff would have a lot more problems with illegal substances over the years, but now appears happy and healthy. During a recent interview, he claimed that his issues stemmed from being beaten up all the time in the ring and looking to painkillers to keep going. Not surprisingly, this is a phenomenon that has affected other stars, including Kurt Angle.

Miss Elizabeth

Even though Miss Elizabeth is not considered as a wrestler, she is a huge part of WWE history and should therefore be mentioned here.

Unfortunately, Miss Elizabeth has one of the more tragic stories, because she did not overcome her addiction. She was found dead at the home of Lex Luger and pronounced dead shortly after due to an overdose.

Still, one has to wonder how much bigger Miss Elizabeth would have been if she did not fall victim to a drug addiction. She was and is still one of the most iconic women, but something tells me she could have been so much more.

And Then…

Still, Miss Elizabeth is not the only tragic story that relates to drug addiction, because former WWE wrestler Chyna also died of an overdose. However, I did not mention her in this list because I believe she did make her mark in history and will be remembered forever, despite the best efforts of Triple H and Stephanie McMahon.

Who do you believe could have done better in the WWE, were it not for their substance abuse? Let me know in the comment section below.