The WWE Mae Young Classic – A Celebration of Women’s Wrestling!

The Mae Young Classic is set for Friday the 14th of July. It will be held at the Full Sail University in Winter Park, Florida. The Mae Young Classic will be a celebration of women’s wrestling, so let us take a closer look at what we can expect!

32-Competitor Tournament

The Mae Young Classic will be a 32-competitor tournament. It is expected to feature many female talents from NXT, but also some WWE developmental talent we are not familiar with yet. Here are some of the main people to watch out for!

Bianca Blair

Bianca Blair has been signed with WWE developmental since April 2016. Despite her short stint within the WWE, she has been standing out considerably from the competition.

Danielle Kamela

Another female wrestler to look out for is Danielle Kamela, who has been training with Rikishi and Gangrel. She previously was a Phoenix Suns Dancer and Arizona Cardinals Cheerleader.

Julia Ho

Julia Ho actually has a background in MMA, so her entry into the tournament will certainly prove interesting. Additionally, Julia has trained with Brian Kendrick, who also trained “Total Divas” star Eva Marie.

Abbey Laith

Current NXT wrestler Kimberly Frankele will also participate in the tournament under her new name Abbey Laith. Many fans are likely already familiar with her; she was quite a standout in the Indies where she performed under the name Kimber Lee.

Lacy Evans

NXT wrestler Lacy Evans has a military background; she served 5 years as a Marine. This woman has a lot of strength, so she is also one to watch.

Mary Kate (Rosie Lottalove)

The Mae Young Classic will also feature Mary Kate, better known under her TNA name Rosie Lottalove. This woman has bucket loads of experience and talent, so I certainly look forward to seeing her in the ring.

Sarah Logan

Another female wrestler with loads of talent and a major indie career before heading to the WWE is Sarah Logan (Sarah Bridges/Crazy Mary Dobson). Her superior ring awareness will benefit this event greatly.

Taynara Melo

Could this tournament get any better? It can, because it also includes Brazilian black belt Taynara Melo. Will the Brazilian win the Mae Young classic with her superb martial arts techniques?

Victoria Gonzales

The daughter of Rudy Boy Gonzales is also entering this tournament, who was signed to the WWE in 2016. I’m looking forward to seeing her in the ring.

Zhao Xia

The first female Chinese talent to sign with the WWE is also entering the tournament. I wonder what she will bring to the squared circle? She might be short in stature, but this girl has some serious guns!

Other Female Talent Set to Compete

The women mentioned above are just some of the rumored contestants for the Mae Young Classic. Since there are 32 competitors, we are certainly in for a surprising event!

Who would you like to see in the Mae Young Classic? Do you have a preference for a wrestler from WWE developmental or NXT? Let us know in the comment section below!