Reasons to Doubt the Latest Rumor About Paige And Alberto Del Rio

There is not a more volatile couple in wrestling than Paige and Alberto Del Rio.  WWE suspended the both of them for repeatedly failing drug tests. Del Rio eventually quit the company and began wrestling for Impact and other promotions. But Del Rio and Paige have become known less for their wrestling and more for their booze-fueled rants against WWE and the “haters” of their relationship. Del Rio has said some things that could ruin Paige’s return with the company, but she was committed to her man. They even have allegedly married.

But, according to SEScoops, there was one night too many of booze, yelling, and revelry. Paige and Del Rio parted ways. For now.

The couple was vacationing in Orlando and had a blowup that resulted in Alberto calling off their relationship. According to a source close to both of them who was present when it all went down, most of Alberto’s friends and family are glad he pulled the plug.

Reasons to doubt the story

Now, this is just a report, but SEScoops has been a somewhat reliable source in the past. We also have no idea if this will last. Knowing Paige and Del Rio’s history, there’s reason to believe they’ll be back together slobbering all over each other in public soon.

But due to the nature of wrestling, there’s plenty of reason to doubt this. The rumor mill in the wrestling world is spinning and riddled with misinformation. That is by design. Wrestling is designed with obfuscation, misdirection, and outright lies. It is a carnival trick that grew beyond the big tent and moved into big arenas and onto televisions. It is a business built on lies and understanding. Wrestlers and promoters lie to us. Fans understand this and know about the lies. And wrestling knows that we know. And so on and so forth.

Because of that, there is not a traditional journalistic structure around wrestling like there is in any other sport or interest group as large and as popular as wrestling is. The best we have are these “dirt sheets” which themselves are in on it in a way. Their job is to sell subscriptions and generate clicks. For that to work, they have to mine for rumor and innuendo whenever they can. Listen to a Wrestling Observer Radio episode, and you’ll hear hours of hedging and speculation with just a little actual news sprinkled in. Everything is controlled and held close. WWE leaks out a surprise every once in a while. But if they want something to be a secret, it’ll remain a secret.

In wrestling, there’s no chain of confirmation. There’s not someone to call and go on the record. We just have to guess and trust. That’s why we see so many rumors, guesses, and hoaxes.

So, all that being said, is this rumor true? Maybe. There’s probably a kernel of truth in it.

Later in the day, PWI disputed the rumor:

We don’t like the dive into personal stories unless they have an actual bearing on the business end of professional wrestling, but for those who have asked, we are told that rumors of the Alberto el Patron-Paige relationship ending are incorrect, according to sources close to the couple who reached out to PWInsider.com.

Should Paige and Del Rio not be together? That isn’t for us to say. But as an outside observer, this seems like an unhealthy relationship between two people who may need some help with substance abuse.

Regardless, we will keep you updated. But remember. Rumors are just that, rumors. And the second you think you aren’t getting “worked” in wrestling is when they have you. 

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