Natalya’s Tips for the Perfect Selfie

If you had to choose the WWE female wrestler with the best selfies, it would probably be Natalya. Nattie is known to take selfies no matter where she is at. And all of her selfies are on point as well, so many people want to uncover her selfie secrets. Here are Nattie’s selfie secrets!

Via Scott Fishman at TVInsider.

Avoid Fluorescent Light


Natalya claims that fluorescent light is your worst enemy if you want to take a good selfie. According to Nattie, fluorescent light makes you look a whole lot older. So, be sure to throw out those fluorescent lights, girls!

It seems like Nattie is 100% right about fluorescent light though, because Buzzfeed put the theory of different lighting to the test. By looking at the pictures myself, it did show that fluorescent light makes you look a lot older and scary!


So, what light does Nattie prefer? Well, Natalya swears by natural light. During an interview, she also said that the Great Khali told her that sunlight needs to be coming toward you, in other words, the sunlight needs to be in front of you. By using this simple trick, Nattie says you can look like J.Lo in all your selfies!



Once you get the lighting right, you’ll also need to get your attitude right; at least according to Natalya. She claims that the most important thing about taking a selfie is your smile.


During the interview, Natalya said that she always has to remind her father to smile during selfies and that she is still teaching him.

Natalya says that a smile is like an instant face-lift and I certainly agree with her. A smile makes a picture so much better, so be sure to say “cheese” the next time you take a selfie!

What do you think about Nattie’s tips for taking the perfect selfie? Also, what do you think about Nattie’s selfies? Be sure to put your opinion in the comment section below, and we will look forward to reading it.

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