Here Are Our Money in the Bank Predictions

Tonight’s Money in the Bank PPV is historic. Regardless of what happens, tonight will be etched in history. It is the first time in WWE history that there will be a MITB match for a shot at the Women’s Title. While that is the focus of the event, there are several other matches that offer some intriguing possibilities. Both championship title matches feature unlikely competitors. Every Smackdown title is on the line tonight.

Here’s what we think will happen tonight.

The Usos vs the New Day for the Smackdown Tag Team Titles

The New Day are looking to become the first double crown tag champions of the latest brand split era. This match will be good, but it seems like an after-thought as the tag division has been over-taken by the shenanigans of the Fashion Police.

Prediction: The New Day wins and is revealed to be the vandals of the Breezango office.

Naomi vs. Lana for the Smackdown Women’s Title

In classic #WWELogic, Shane McMahon told Lana that she hadn’t done enough to earn a title shot or even a place in the Money in the Bank match, but later in the same show, Naomi demanded Lana be made Number 1 contender. She has not wrestled on WWE TV since a brief appearance during a pre-show match at Wrestlemania in Texas over a year ago. She has wrestled extensively at NXT live events, using her husband’s Accolade as a finishing move. WWE has concocted a story that Lana is manipulative and unworthy of her spot. Perhaps this is to lower expectations. I don’t expect much of this match. Naomi is experienced but she is by no means someone who can carry an entire match by herself. The Ravishing Russian will need to step-up big time.

Prediction: Lana wins, is immediately cashed-in on.

Jindar Mahal vs. Randy Orton for the WWE Title

Jinder Mahal being WWE champion is still weird to me. It is weird. A man who was a perennial jobber and joke, who a month before was embarrassed at Wrestlemania by GRONK is now the WWE Champion and the new face of the company…at least in India. There’s no reason to give Orton the title…other than to use him as a transitional champ for an immediate MITB cash-in.

Prediction: Mahal and the Singh Brothers win and retain.

Money in the Bank Match for an opportunity at the Smackdown Women’s Title

A match that will most likely be the opening match or the main event, due to the historical implications. All five women have been working to prove themselves. The field is as wide-open as any multi-competitor match. It would make the most sense that the winner is someone who has not held the title yet or at least recently. That would make Carmella, Natalya, and Tamina slight favorites. I think Charlotte will have to overcome a bit more to become SD champion.

Prediction: Carmella, with the help of Ellsworth.

Money in the Bank Match for an opportunity at the WWE Title

Another match with wide-open possibilities. The favorites seem to be Nakamura and Corbin. Rumors have swirled for months that Corbin is getting a title push this summer. Nakamura getting the briefcase would break the Internet. Just the idea of the King of Strong Style as WWE Champion is enough to get people drooling. This will be the most fun match of the night. The MITB bout is always a spot fest. Expect Ziggler to bump like crazy. Owens and Zayn will do some extremely irresponsible spots that will have the crowd cheering and cringing at the same time.

Prediction: Corbin

What do you think will happen at Money in the Bank? Share your thoughts.