Fashion Police Finally Getting Their Well-Deserved Push?

I’ve always been fascinated with the Fashion Police as a concept, but the WWE seemed reluctant to do anything good with them. I was pleasantly surprised this week though, because a vignette called the “Fashion Files” made everything right. Does this mean The Fashion Police is finally getting their well-deserved push?

The Vignette

The vignette featuring Fandango and Tyler Breeze aka Breezango aka The Fashion Police was heavily based on Law and Order, but even a die-hard crime show fan such as myself didn’t mind. In my opinion, this vignette was hilarious and brilliant.

When you look at it objectively, you’d believe that the gimmick itself is ridiculous. However, these guys have turned it into something great and funny. Many fans can’t wait to see the next Fashion Files, and I’m certainly one of them.

Title Shot at Backlash.

After years of jobbing, I think it’s time for the Fashion Police to come to the forefront. Fortunately, I think the WWE agrees, since Breezango will fight the Usos for the tag titles at Backlash. If they get this title shot, I certainly hope they win. Can you imagine the Fashion Police with the titles?

Fans Support Breezango

When I saw the vignette, I was afraid it was one of those cases where I loved it and everyone else hated it. Fortunately, I was very wrong. Here are some of the reactions of other WWE fans on Twitter.

Is SmackDown Still the Better Brand After the Shakeup?

One of the things I thought would happen before the shakeup became a fact, RAW did steal some of the best people on there; this includes the the Miz, Bray Wyatt and Alexa Bliss. Despite bringing stars in such as KO, I felt like KO was a bad fit for SmackDown. Still, Charlotte’s arrival was definitely interesting.

Despite the move of many major stars from SmackDown to Raw, I love to admit that I think SmackDown is still the best brand. Opposed to RAW, SmackDown is completely unpredictable. It also gives superstars a chance who should have gotten a chance years ago! Go Breezango!

Raw Vs. SmackDown – The Problem with Raw

Now, it’s time to get real! Honestly, I believe that the problem with the RAW is the numerous “protected” wrestlers and its predictability. Every week, I see wrestlers being pushed I couldn’t care less about, while some of the more interesting ones are kept at catering.

The real surprise in all this? RAW had to take major stars from SmackDown to make their brand interesting again! There still not changing their habits though, despite banking on SmackDown’s biggest stars. In my opinion? The only saving grace of RAW at the moment is  Alexa Bliss, Finn Balor and Seth Rollins. But even with these stars at their disposal, I’m terrified they’ll be buried in bad bookings and terrible storylines.


Breezango’s fashion police certainly proves that SmackDown is still on top of their game, despite losing major male superstars to the RAW brand. I’m also quite excited that Breezango finally gets their chance to shine! Good luck guys!

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