Forgotten 90’s WWE Wrestlers: Where Are They Now?

The Attitude Era was filled with talented wrestlers, but not all of them are still in the WWE spotlight. Unfortunately, some wrestlers got lost along the way. Some are doing something totally different now. Curious where the forgotten wrestlers are and what they are doing? Find out below!

Sable & Marc Mero

Even though there were more memorable couples in the Attitude Era, Sable and Marc Mero stood out most for me. Their relationship did not last though, because Sable left Mero and is currently married to Brock Lesnar.

So what happened to Mero? Well, Mark is doing quite well for himself running Champion of Choices, a non-profit organization focusing on American schools. Who would have thought?

Steve Blackman

When you think about a bad ass in the Attitude Era, martial artist Steve Blackman immediately springs to mind. Unfortunately, this wrestler disappeared off the wrestling map completely after leaving WWE.

So, where is Steve Blackman now? Well, Steve is still being a bad ass, because he is working as a bail bondsman and MMA trainer in Pennsylvania.

Val Venis

I cannot help myself; every time I hear the phrase “hello ladies,” I usually burst out into laughter. Val Venis had one of the cheesiest gimmicks of all time, but certainly one of the most memorable ones.

Val Venis is still standing out from the average Joe today though, because he went from being the Big Valbowski to Kaptain Kannabis. Yes, Val Venis is currently selling weed for a living in Arizona.

Sycho Sid

The only entrance that truly creeped me out in the Attitude Era was the entrance of Sycho Sid. Unfortunately, Sid suffered a career-ending injury.

These days, it seems like Sid is not doing all that well. Even though he did appear in a bodybuilding contest at the age of 51, he no-showed an event in the New Jersey independent league. The promoters of the event were so enraged with Sid that they gave his phone number to those attending and encouraged them to voice their displeasure on his voicemail.

Sid was recently hospitalized with heart problems too, so he certainly needs some luck in his life right about now.

Ken Shamrock

Another unforgettable person in the Attitude Era was undoubtedly Ken Shamrock. Another mixed martial arts fighter, Shamrock certainly brought the bad ass to the WWE.

Surprisingly, Shamrock returned to the octagon and is still having fights. Many people are begging him to retire, because most of them believe that Shamrock is getting too old for MMA. My opinion? I think it is fantastic!


Even though there are more former Attitude Era wrestlers that could have been mentioned here, these are the ones I was most curious about. Some of their new professions have truly surprised me, especially Val Venis’s Kaptain Kannabis endeavor.

What do you think about the new careers of these former WWE wrestlers? Do you believe another forgotten Attitude Era wrestler should have been on the list? Put your replies in the comment section below and I will tell you what they are doing today!