7 Times We Were Embarrassed to Be Wrestling Fans

Most of us are proud members of the wrestling universe, and we’re willing to attack anyone who calls wrestling “fake.” However, there have been some occasions where many fans were a little embarrassed of their passion. It’s not our fault. Sometimes wrestling jumps the shark.

Here are some of those moments!

Vince Takes on God

Not one of the WWE’s proudest moments, but certainly one of the moments where Vince’s ego shines through. During a feud with Shawn Michaels, Vince decided to have a good laugh at religion’s expense and book God in a tag team match against him and his son Shane McMahon. Oh dear…

Big Bossman Goes Too Far

Everyone loves Big Bossman before the Attitude Era, because the true dark side of the Bossman came out a little later in his career. Some of the things Big Bossman did during the Attitude Era included cooking Al Snow’s dog and then feeding it to him. Even though it was obviously just story-lined, this made me cringe something fierce. Poor Pepper!

Of course, a second sketch that I personally found a little over the top was when Big Bossman interrupted the funeral of Big Show’s dad. Still, it was so outrageous most of us still remember it today!

Exploiting Dead Wrestlers

The WWE does not shy away from some shameless exploitation of deceased wrestlers. (Except for Chris Benoit, of course.) Why? Because it makes them tons of money. Naturally, this is not a side of wrestling everyone agrees with.

There are numerous wrestlers whose deaths have been exploited by the WWE for profit; this includes the death of Owen Hart, Paul Bearer, and Eddie Guerrero.

Exploiting Women for Ratings


Even though the women’s division is now quite different than it was a good twenty years ago, women were transparently exploited at one point to get higher ratings.

Some of the highlights of women exploitation in the WWE? Trish Stratus barking, the bikini contest between Sable and Jacqueline, and much more. Fortunately, women can at least do some wrestling these days, instead of being used as a lure to get more men into the WWE seats.

Katie Vick

If you have been following the WWE for years, then the word Katie Vick could make you feel embarrassed of being a wrestling fan.

Katie Vick was a fictional character invented by Triple H. He claimed that Kane had killed Katie, and would later shoot a promo which involved a dead Katie in a coffin and some other stuff of a sexual nature. Of course, this is something about Triple H we all try to forget! I still cringe when I see this.

Chris Benoit Murders His Family

Steroid use has always been a controversial subject in the WWE, which came under the magnifying glass after Chris Benoit killed his wife and son. He would later hang himself in the basement of their home.

During a documentary after the double murder-suicide, medical experts claimed Benoit had the brain of a 90-year-old Alzheimer patient, believing it to be the result of head trauma and steroid abuse.

What moment made you feel embarrassed of being a wrestling fan? Let us know in the comment section below!

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