X-Pac Arrested for Drug Possession

The struggles of X-Pac with drug abuse aren’t new, but it seemed like he turned over a new leaf in recent years. Unfortunately, the news of X-Pac’s arrest has reached the Ringside Intel office this morning and was featured on TMZ.

His Arrest at LAX

On the way to a recent trip to the UK, Sean Waltman – better known under his ring name X-Pac – was arrested for the possession of a controlled substance (meth and weed). Before boarding, Sean Waltman had to go through customs, where the controlled substances were found.

Outstanding Warrant

Sean got in more trouble after he was arrested on the spot because it seemed there was an outstanding warrant for the WWE legend. Sean still had an outstanding DUI arrest warrant. The combination of charges led him to be transported to a local LA jail immediately.

Released on Bail

Sean’s troubles haven’t gone away, but he is no longer in jail. After a bail hearing, bail was set on $35,000. After paying the bail money, Sean was released from Jail.

Past Problems with Substance Abuse

As mentioned briefly in the introduction, Sean Waltman is known to have struggled with crystal meth in the past. His struggles definitely came to light during and after his relationship with Chyna – a female wrestling legend who died from substance abuse.

Many fans worry that Chyna’s death had a profound impact on X-Pac, who claimed he still loved Chyna until her untimely end. During her memorial service, he also made the following statement:

“I hope you forgive me for not taking better care of you … and I’ll do everything in my power to make sure you end up in the WWE Hall of Fame where you belong.”

Considering his struggles with drugs in the past, many believe that this relapse could cost the WWE legend dearly. Most WWE fans believe that the judge won’t let him get off so easily this time, and considering his track record, I’m certainly inclined to believe that.

Denials from X-Pac

Even though TMZ reported on the arrest of the WWE legend, Sean Waltman is avidly denying the allegations that he has relapsed and stated the following in a tweet:

In addition to his denials on Twitter, Sean Waltman tried to deny a relapse on the Tomorrow Show with Kevin Undergaro. Still, his denials were not quite on point, because he did state he is using cannabis.

Striar: So to make it 100% clear though, Sean, just so you don’t get more Tweets about this – you are not using Meth…

Waltman: Nope, and I wasn’t using anything… nothing. No relapse.

Marie: Clean, sober…

Waltman: Well, besides cannabis. That’s all I use.

Marie: Well, that’s legal. That’s okay, right?

Waltman: Well… not to the feds.

What’s next for the 1-2-3 Kid?

Unfortunately, I’m not surprised about this latest development. I’m also worried that Sean considers himself clean, despite the fact he’s still using weed. Naturally, what the man does in his personal life is his business, but it is sad to see that another WWE is in danger of losing his life to substance abuse. I certainly hope he gets his priorities straight in the future.

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