WWE UK Championship Special Preview – View from the UK

It’s finally time! The WWE UK Championship Special is airing this Friday and I could not be more excited about it! To help you get pumped up for this event, and pick up on some of the promotion WWE has missed, let me give you a sneak preview!

The Commentary Team

Wrestling fans should not only look forward to the actual wrestling, because this event is going to have an top commentary team, more specifically Jim Ross and Nigel McGuinness. I’ve been waiting for a long time to hear Jim Ross on commentary again, so this is great!

Sorry, Not Revealing the Winners

It would not be nice of me to reveal the UK winners, because this makes watching a lot less interesting. What I can reveal are some of the matches you can look forward to!

Matches to Expect!

The WWE UK Championship Special will feature some amazing matches that even trump the main WWE roster; this much I can tell you already!

One of the matches you cannot afford to miss is the championship match between mustache-man Tyler Bate and Mark Andrews. Of course, the match between Pete Dunne and Trent Seven is a must-watch too, because the winner will face the UK Champion at NXT Takeover the following day!

The fun is not over with these matches though, because you also have a tag team match to look forward too between Rich Swann and Dan Maloney versus Brian Kendrick and TJP!

Some Issues with the UK Championship

Even though rumors surrounding the UK Championship have been going around for months, I find that the promotion has been somewhat lacking. When the UK wrestlers were introduced to the crowd at a main roster event, the crowd did not seem to know who they were or what they were doing there.

I live in the UK myself and I have not seen enough promotion for this event. I actually found out through NXT, since the title defense of the UK Championship was announced on the card. I didn’t even know the match would take place on Friday.

Since I do this for a living, these are the things I should be aware of. Yet, there has been so little promoting, even someone who reports on wrestling for a living did not pick up on it until close to the event. Therefore, I fear for the amount of people that will actually tune in to this special.

The only “real” promotion of this event was the actual announcement made by Triple H a couple of months ago. Of course, this is not enough in my eyes. If you are creating this new brand, surely it deserves just as much attention as 205 Live?


I won’t deny I’m scared to see how many people will actually tune in, but I hope that some people will read this article and check it out! So, be sure to share this if you know anyone else that might find the UK Championship Special intriguing!

Are you watching the UK Championship Special? Do you believe this event needed more promoting? Let me know in your comments below!

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