May 9th Smackdown Live (On Tape Delay) From London

WWE is in the UK to film Raw and Smackdown this week. As such both are being filmed on UK time and the shows will air on tape delay in the United States. It is the one time of year we get to deal with what international fans go through every week!

There will be a lot of spoilers out on tonight’s show but we are SPOILER FREE!

Here’s what we’re looking for tonight:

The Face of America Comes To the UK!

Last week Kevin Owens won his US Title back from Chris Jericho and sent him packing to his tour with Fozzy. Owens is now staring down AJ Styles in the marquee feud on the blue brand (sorry Randy and Jinder).

The Raj and Randy

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Jinder Mahal and the Singh Brothers continue their feud against WWE Champion Randy Orton. Mahal and the Viper will be facing off at Backlash. This push for Jinder has fans divided. But personally, I like it. This is what Smackdown is supposed to be about: new matchups and undercard guys getting a chance to shine on the big stage.

The Fashion Files Part Deux

PWI is reporting that a 2nd episode of the runaway hit “Fashion Files” will be shown this week. Breezango getting a push these last few weeks has been fun and their match-up against the Usos is certainly a fresh one. Expect a lot more insider jokes and maybe the Usos getting a bit of revenge.

Becky Stands Alone

After standing up to the “Welcoming Committee” Becky Lynch is facing off against their leader, Natalya. It is a sign of an evolving Women’s Division that the title picture isn’t automatically the most important feud. A group of bitter and over-looked women fighting against “crowd favorites” is something we haven’t seen among the ladies before. Here’s hoping the lady J.O.B. Squad gets a decent run!


  • Ziggler “responds” to Nakamura in their build to their Backlash match
  • What happened to American Alpha?
  • Presumably, Charlotte and Naomi do something. Maybe they team up with Becky against the Committee?

What are you looking forward to tonight? Share your thoughts.

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