Bray Wyatt Provides Funny Moment After RAW Taping!

Bray Wyatt may want a reputation as a scary dude, but he is certainly responsible for the funniest moment of the week! When RAW went off the air on Monday night, he surprised everyone with a rather funny appearance.

Wyatt’s Ring Dash

When RAW went off the air, Bray Wyatt still found himself under the ring. However, Bray couldn’t wait for the show to end and come from underneath the ring to the backstage area, because in the middle of an interview with Dean Ambrose and the Miz after the RAW, Bray bolted for the backstage area, much to the amusement of many RAW attendees. One thing I know for sure, the man can run!

Possible Return of the Wyatt Family

There has been some speculation that some former members of the Wyatt family could be returning to make the family whole again; this includes Braun Strowman and Luke Harper. Even though I don’t see Braun Strowman returning as a support, Luke Harper could be a possibility.

Bray Wyatt has made some comments on the possible return of Harper to the Wyatt family:

“I have mixed emotions on that. But where he’s at now, he wants to go do his own thing. Go do your own thing because I know who we are. I know where we are as people and when the time is right, we’ll be back together. When we’re needed together, we’ll be together again because, like I said, we are brothers.”

Bray Wyatt also made a statement regarding a possible return of Braun Strowman to the Wyatt Family one day:

“It’s going to be in-and-out forever. I think we are owed our own singles successes and I wish the best for Harper and them. I hope they do great, but I’m always here and we’re always brothers. No one ever stopped being brothers and that’s the thing. No one ever asks me about Braun [Strowman]. Oh, will Braun ever be back? Of course he will. They always come back. I taught him how to tie his shoes and I taught him how to fly and he won’t forget that.”

Nice Guy Wyatt

Opposed to the character he is portraying in wrestling, the real Bray Wyatt is a far cry from his character. Bray Wyatt (real name Windham Lawrence Rotunda) is a married man and has two daughters. His brother is also a well-known wrestler, Bo Dallas.

Aside from his personal life, Bray Wyatt is known for his friendly attitude towards fans. He’s always happy to take a picture with fans and is also known for his upbeat attitude in the locker room. So, despite the character he plays, it seems everyone loves Bray! (Me included)

Still, Bray Wyatt is probably best known for his amazing promos! Looking at everyone on the current roster, I’ll bet you’ll find it hard to find anyone who cuts a promo like Bray. Unfortunately, the actual outcome of matches and poor booking has affected his in-ring demand, so I hope they spend a lot more time on booking good matches for Bray with him getting a genuine Undertaker-like win, instead of the usual Miz-type win.

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