New Show for WWE UK Championship?

The WWE has been giving us strong hints over the past couple weeks which seem to indicate a separate show for the WWE UK Championship. The goal is to provide British, Irish and Scottish viewers with their own title, something I’m certainly excited about.

The WWE UK Championship Tournament

A couple of months ago, we had the privilege to witness the first WWE UK Championship Tournament. The tournament certainly piqued my interest, especially when I saw the antics of current WWE superstar Jack Gallagher (Oliver Claffey). Of course, since I’m a UK resident myself, the WWE UK tournament felt extra special.

The winner of the WWE UK title winner was ultimately Tyler Bate, who is now representing the brand. Unfortunately, I feel like Tyler Bate is not that well-known by the WWE Universe. Even as a British resident, I know little about the current holder of the WWE UK title belt. Thus, WWE certainly needs to give the title more attention than it’s currently getting.

Reintroduction WWE UK Championship at 205 Live

Even though we haven’t heard much about the WWE UK Championship since the tournament, Tyler Bate and other participants appeared unexpectedly at 205 Live Tuesday night. Their appearance means the company is spreading the word on the WWE UK title. Therefore, the title could be making its way to British TV screens soon.

Since the new UK show is the brainchild of none other than Triple H, I certainly have high hopes for a possible new UK show. Triple H made NXT great, so he is likely to do the same with a new UK show.

WWE Announcement

Since the appearance of Trent Seven, Peter Dunne, Mark Andrews and UK Champion Tyler Bate, the WWE has released an official statement confirming a UK TV show. The statement was made during the appearance of the UK wrestlers at 2015 Live.

The Weekly Showcase

Recent reports on Cageside Seats seem to indicate that the UK show will be aired on the WWE Network weekly. Even though I have Sky Sports at home, I actually prefer watching my shows on the Network. Therefore, I’m certainly excited about this announcement.

The only question still left for me is how the brand will work. Is it going to be a separate brand completely? Or will UK wrestlers appear in RAW and SmackDown too?

I do believe that the UK show will need some exposure for a couple of months before it can take off. Looking at how 205 Live has been promoted, I’m not too sure that WWE has a good strategy to promote the brand.┬áStill, there is considerable interest for the UK show,┬áso with good promotion, I think this show will be a success!

What do you think about the possibility of a UK show? Are there certain superstars you would like to see with this brand? How should WWE promote the new show? There is much to consider, so let us know your insights and your ideas in the comment section below!

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