Mauro Ranallo Thanks Fans for Supporting Him and Fires Back at JBL!

Even famous announcers do not escape the grip of depression; this much is proven by the recent struggles of Mauro Ranallo. The commentator has a long history with depression, dating to his teenage years. Ranallo recently thanked his fans for supporting him, and made some sharp comments in JBL’s (John “Bradshaw” Layfield) direction at the same time.

Firing Back at JBL

The apparent feud between JBL and Mauro Ranallo has been a much discussed subject amongst wrestling fans over the weeks. To bring attention to the alleged bullying situation involving JBL, he’s been using the hashtag #BringTHISToTheTable, referring to the episode of WWE’s bring it to the table where JBL gave a rant about Ranallo.

Allegations of Mauro Ranallo, and other (former) WWE stars such as Justin Roberts, Mark Henry, Shawn Daivari, Matt Hardy, Renee Dupree, Ivory and The Miz and other well-known stars certainly seem to indicate there is some truth to the rumors.

Past Allegations of Bullying Made Against JBL

One former WWE wrestler who has been extremely vocal about JBL’s bullying is Renee Dupree. During an interview last year, Dupree offered clear statements on the impact the bullying had on his life (which you can listen to in the video). According to Dupree, JBL used several racist and homophobic slurs on him, despite him being only 21 years old.

Another person who has been vocal about JBL’s bullying is Vince Russo. With the help of Bart Gunn, JBL was taken down a notch, a fact that was also picked up with Mauro Ranallo in an interview.

The last person I would like to mention here, even though there are many others, is the Miz. The Miz has been vocal about backstage hazing during his early career, which also included JBL for a large part. He eventually vented his frustrations in an actual promo, but his statements were based on truth, which makes this promo quite emotional to watch for many fans.

Too Little Too Late?

Since JBL is still on WWE television and Ranallo has been gone, many fans wonder if the WWE is going to treat the bullying allegations in the same manner they treated Brock Lesnar after allegations of illegal substance use.

Mauro Ranallo has stated he won’t be returning to WWE television. With JBL’s continued employment by the WWE, does this mean the company actively supports a bully? If you want to support Mauro Ranallo, be sure to Tweet with the hashtag #BringTHISToTheTable.

I support Mauro Ranallo completely and demand action is taken against long-time bully JBL. I don’t want him to be sacked completely, but he should be given a desk job that doesn’t require him to interact with others. This man should not have any form of power within the WWE given the damage he’s done over the years. He should also be reprimanded heavily and provide some sort of apology to his bullying victims. If not, he knows where the door is and where it supposed to hit him.

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