Deeper Dive: Conor McGregor A Fit In WWE?

Could the WWE seriously have interest in a brash, outspoken, inked MMA fighter?

No, not CM Punk. He’s not an MMA fighter in my mind until he has his debut. Of course, I am talking about Connor McGregor, he who stunningly announced his retirement from UFC today.

Or, at least, he said he would be retiring young. But let’s for the sake of this article, presume he actually is retired from UFC.

And, why wouldn’t WWE entertain the idea? They would be crazy not to, honestly. And for so many reasons.

For one, McGregor was one of the bright, young and marketable faces of the popular combat sport. He was someone that even casual UFC fans knew of (like myself, who is barely even a casual fan).

For another? If McMahon was irked at losing Punk to Dana White (and I don’t know that he was, but let’s just suppose he was), what is one way to flip White and UFC the proverbial bird? By swooping in and signing his former star to a lucrative, part-time, low impact WWE contract. And then having said acquisition actually perform in a WWE ring before Punk sets foot in an Octagon, on a PPV.

And, for a third? This one, I admit, is a bit of a stretch. But if they signed McGregor, WWE would have two bonafide UFC stars now working for WWE. While McGregor would be at a significant weight disadvantage, could you imagine Connor going toe to toe with Brock Lesnar? It’s a match that could never, would never, actually happen in the Octagon, but you can be sure to know it could happen at SummerSlam.

From where I sit, there are few, if any, reasons not to do it. Whether he will actually truly be retired, or if so, interested in WWE? That all remains to be seen. But you can be sure that if he’s getting out of the Octagon, he will be getting a call from WWE-if he hasn’t already.

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