Should The Big Show Retire?

I always enjoy watching the live “Stone Cold” Steve Austin podcasts; whether controversial or not, I find them entertaining, and they provide valuable insight into the business. The recent show, spotlighting the Big Show was no exception. The candid interview highlighted Show’s past mentors, how Hulk Hogan played a key role in his success, the difference between WCW and WWE, a low point in Show’s life and career, as well as the issue of whether or not he should retire.

Now, we all love to poke fun of at the fact that Show loves to flip flop between heel and face; but to be honest, I’ve always viewed Show as a pretty decent (overly emotion) man, more of a ‘gentle giant’ type. The philanthropic work he does with the Special Olympics is heartwarming, and some of the interviews I’ve seen him in have made me believe, he’s a great guy, with a good sense of humor. He seemed to confirm that during SCSA’s podcast as well. That’s why I cringe whenever the ‘Please Retire’ chants erupt on RAW or SmackDown; even before the SCSA podcast aired. I get it, the WWE Universe has a voice, and after paying said amount for a ticket to a live event, people have every right to say what they want, be interactive, and really participate at live events; hey, I love screaming it up like the rest of the fans. It’s just with the ‘Please Retire’ chants, they seem more than simply poking fun at a gimmick, persona, or ring attire for that matter; they are far more personal than that.

Good news is, The Big Show, doesn’t seem to take them too personally!

Bad news for the fans that participate in these chants, it doesn’t seem like Show is going anywhere, anytime soon.

While he did point out on the podcast that he’s been booked horribly as of late (Vince had to have loved that comment …), he also stated that it would be about two years before he would hang up his ring attire. He likes working (hey, nothing wrong with that); and as fans, wouldn’t you rather see a performer who has a passion to entertain, versus someone who is just going in for the paychecks? Furthermore, Show is committed to helping younger talent within the company, whether that be with tips or helping them over with the crowd. This to me shows a true commitment to the WWE as an organization, a nod to people who have helped him in the past, and a dedication to not only assist up-and-coming superstars, but also one towards entertaining the fans.

Now, I have never (nor would I) participate in the ‘Please Retire’ chants. I have in the past questioned why Show continues to do what he does. Simply because it seems that wrestling over the years has taken a toll on his body. He’s certainly not old at 44 years of age, but he on an entirely different platform when you compare him physically to say Triple H (46), Chris Jericho (45), or Kane (48). Still, if he is up for it, and understands the role he is now set to play within the company, who am I to tell the man to ‘please retire’? It’s not up to me: it’s up to him, and really ultimately up to the WWE.

WNZ fans, what are your thoughts? Is two years too long for the Big Show to continue in pro wrestling – or just right? Leave your comments below!

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