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mma wrestlersvideo

MMA Fighters Who Switched and Went to Wrestling

It is not uncommon for MMA fighters to head to wrestling and vice versa. While many wrestlers have a known MMA history, there are some that might surprise you....

The 5 Worst Chants in Wrestling

As a wrestling fan, it is only natural I get annoyed with other wrestling fans at times. I think many of us feel the same, because some of the...

June 27th Smackdown Preview: Women’s Money in the Bank Two!

Today's Smackdown Live will be built around history repeating itself for the women of the Blue Brand. Presumably, other events will happen, but the focus will be on the...
WWE Championshipvideo

The Legacy Of The WWE Championship

The coveted WWE Championship is without a doubt one of the most prestigious prizes in professional wrestling, tracing its lineage back nearly a hundred years to the original World...
cyber security

WWE Tackles Cyber Security Issues

With several WWE superstars being hacked and their personal photographs released to the general public, the WWE is tightening its cyber security. In a bid to eliminate the problem, the...

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Is A Shield Reunion Imminent?

After weeks and weeks of torturous teasing, Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose finally reunited on this week's episode of Raw: BROTHERS UNITED. #RAW @WWERollins @TheDeanAmbrose...
NXT Richmond

Our List of Potential Future WWE RAW And SmackDown Champions!

Getting to the top in the WWE is the ultimate goal, so many superstars who are currently in NXT are dreaming to become a...
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5 Fast Facts About Emma

After a failed gimmick change and a series of injuries, Emma is slowly but surely claiming her stake in the WWE women's division. Here are...