What Does Shinsuke Nakamura Have Planned For WWE Future?

Shinsuke Nakamura WWE Future
Credit: wwe

He’s not been on TV much, so what does Shinsuke Nakamura have planned for his WWE and wrestling future?

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The King Of Strong Style seems like he shouldn’t be too happy with what he’s accomplished in WWE. Sure, in NXT Shinsuke Nakamura did quite well, winning the championship before heading up to the main roster. But since his call-up, the main roster run has not set the world on fire. Sure, he’s had some success, but he has never won the big one. Fans thought maybe he’d pull it off after winning the Royal Rumble. That didn’t happen.

And for whatever reason, we have not seen too much from Shinsuke Nakamura on WWE programming of late. But, he was recently spotted on UFC. Specifically, Nakamura was in the corner of a friend during the June 29th UFC event. He is a known fan of MMA and also has a background in that as well. He’s one of those Superstars who could probably legitimately mess someone up.

So what’s up?

Shinsuke Nakamura WWE Future
Credit: wwe

While at the UFC event, he did an interview and had some interesting comments. The full interview can be found via the tweet here:

As much as some may have questioned his use, his comments indicate he remains happy and where he wants to be. Remember, there were those who believed his main event push a year ago was in large part due to WWE trying to appeal to another Japanese star. Whether that was why he got pushed is not important. Nakamura does seem content to have introduced a new audience to his take on Japanese strong style.But he also noted that the work wasn’t done yet.

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It may take a good bit of work to build him back up to a credible threat, but somehow, some way, I would love to see Shinsuke Nakamura win a world title before his time with the company comes to an end. Which, from his own words, he isn’t looking to leave any time soon. I do think Shinsuke Nakamura’s future will still be fun to watch.

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