UFC Champion Ilia Topuria Goes Nuts, Tells Fans ‘Screw All Of You’ In Online Rage

Ilia Topuria

Reigning UFC champion Ilia Topuria might want to put himself in social media timeout.

Topuria went off on a tirade directs towards fans recently, and found himself in a feud with Max Holloway for it.

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“To all of those who continue to doubt me: Screw all of you, I don’t care about any of you,” he wrote on X. “You just project your insecurities onto me.

“Your envy, born from your inability to pursue your desires, poisons the heart. Keep watching me shine!”

Topuria, a 27-year-old, won the UFC featherweight title in February when he knocked out Alexander Volkanovski. With a perfect 15-0 record to his credit, he has scored eight submissions and five knockouts.

Ilia Topuria Verbally Battles With Max Holloway, Sean O’Malley

In the aftermath of his assault on fans, Topuria also did battle with Holloway.

Holloway, who posted “Guy is just making things up at this stage,” seems very interested in facing the champion.

“Choose a date, choose the way you want me to beat you,” Topuria responded. “Write it here. I am ready to turn off your lights whenever and wherever.”

He finished that out by saying to “Call Dana (White).”

Meanwhile, Sean O’Malley got caught up in the storm after questioning the pound-for-pound rankings.

“How’s Iliai higher on p4p?” O’Malley wondered.

Topuria selected a picture of O’Malley on his back after a loss to Marlon Vera.

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