Top International Star To Enjoy Bidding War Between AEW And WWE?

This is now a regular occurrence, but is another top international star about to enjoy a bidding war between AEW and WWE?

International Star Bidding War
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This is now a regular occurrence, but is another top international star about to enjoy a bidding war between AEW and WWE?

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This is something we’ve seen a fair bit in recent years, especially following the regime change with WWE. Both AEW and WWE, vying for one international star or another. Many have landed in AEW, though WWE have landed a fair few of their own too. GUNTHER was certainly a massive get, especially since for years we had heard that he had no interest in working full time in the United States. Now? He’s a generational Superstar, etching his name in the record books-for WWE, in America. Most recently, WWE secured Giulia’s signature, though she has not quite debuted yet.

Of course, AEW has reeled in big fish of their own. Okada and Wil Ospreay were definitely of interest to WWE, but AEW was able to sway them. Jay White was another bigger name that both companies wanted, but only Tony Khan could get the deal done. There may have been extenuating circumstances, but it is what it is.

Now, there is another top international star, and she seems poised to enjoy a bidding war between AEW and WWE.

Enter Stephanie Vaquer.

international star bidding war
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She most recently did battle against Mercedes Mone as part of the 2024 edition of AEW’s Forbidden Door PPV. And sure, Mone got the headlines for the gold. And Britt Baker made news for returning. But Vaquer, from Chile, impressed many. Most importantly, she impressed people who draw up contracts for both AEW and WWE. According to Luchablog, she has expressed a willingness to be in the United States full time, and both of the major American promotions have offered contracts to make that a reality.

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The question now becomes, will she stick with a promotion (AEW) with which she has some familiarity? Or will she opt for a new approach and give WWE a go? Presumably money will not be the issue. I’d suspect both offers will be substantial, though we’ve heard of one Khan being willing to overspend to get his desired talents. With both offers in hand, it seems we should know of her decision, whatever it is, soon.

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