Is NXT Boss Shawn Michaels Targeting A Pursuit Of Joe Hendry Once His TNA Contract Ends?

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It looks like NXT boss Shawn Michaels was very impressed by Joe Hendry’s recent appearance for the company, and he seems to be quite interested in bringing his talents to the prospect brand when he becomes a free agent.

From the ashes of the reimagined version of NXT from a few years ago, the company has started to recapture the magic the brand once had in the 2010s. Part of that is from their new working relationship with rival company TNA.

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The two companies have traded talent back and forth over the last month and one of the highlights of that unexpected partnership was an exciting June NXT appearance from uber-popular TNA star Joe Hendry. While his time on WWE content was short, he made quite an impression, and the YouTube video of his entrance from the June 18 episode earned over 1.1 million views.

It has created a great deal of speculation that the Scottish wrestler is on WWE’s radar more than ever, and it seems like the moment created a new fan in NXT’s head of creative, Shawn Michaels. During a media call this week to promote the upcoming Heatwave event, HBK was asked about working with Hendry again and sounded like a promoter hoping to add him to the roster in the near future.

Shawn Michaels very much wants to work with Joe Hendry again

“It was my first time meeting Joe. Even for me, not being the most skilled social media guy, you see his stuff all the time on social media,” Michaels said (h/t NODQ.com). The short dealings that I had with him, I liked him a great deal. Nothing would thrill me more than to have the opportunity to work with Joe Hendry in the future. I think he would tell you the same thing. He’s somebody that wants to continue to grow and move up.

“Right now, nothing to add at this point in time. He’s a young man that’s very bright and has a bright future,” he added. “I appreciate the way he’s generated this on his own. That always speaks well of somebody. Thinking outside of the box. He’s obviously done that and I appreciate the intellect that it takes for somebody to grow outside of the wheelhouse they are in.”

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It is unclear when Joe Hendry’s TNA contract ends, but his unique theme song and wrestling style have quickly made him one of the most popular wrestlers in the world outside WWE and AEW. He is sure to have interest from both companies whenever he becomes available.

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