VIDEO: Nate Diaz Tells Hilarious Story On Interaction With Dana White While High As a Kite On ‘Weed Cookies’

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Nate Diaz and his brother Nick are well known for their love of cannabis, and it seems an over-indulgence in “weed cookies” led to a hilarious interaction years ago with UFC President Dana White.

Beloved UFC veteran Nate Diaz returns to action on Saturday night when he rematches long-time rival Jorge Masvidal in the boxing ring. Ahead of the matchup, the fan-favorite fighter has been making the media rounds to build interest for the card inside Anaheim, California’s Honda Center.

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One of the stops on his media schedule was an interview with UFC flyweight legend Demetrious Johnson. During the lengthy talk, the conversation eventually switched to Diaz’s well-publicized interest in marijuana. And while Diaz enjoys dabbling in the sticky-icky, he explained why he hates edibles, especially since it led to an awkward but funny moment with Dana White in an elevator.

Nate Diaz tells a hilarious story of being sky-high in an elevator with UFC boss Dana White

“My brother’s girl brought all these weed cookies and we just ate a whole f*** load of them,” Diaz recalled on a recent edition of Johnson’s podcast. “I ate way too much of that s***. I was scared s***less and then we got in the elevator. Dana White got in the elevator with us. We’re f***ing lit, and like, ‘Oh s***, Dana White just got in!’

“Dana White’s like, ‘What’s up guys,’ and we’re like, ‘What up.’ The elevator goes down to the next floor. It opens, we all just stand there, and the door shuts. He goes, ‘This nobody’s floor?’ And we’re like ‘No.’ The elevator went down to the bottom and we were like, ‘Oh s*** that was our floor.’ We clicked it and they all started laughing.

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“Everybody in the elevator knew it was our floor and they’re like, ‘You dumba**es.’ I ain’t never eating these [weed cookies] again.”

Nate Diaz also admitted he has eaten edibles many more times since and each time claims he will never have them again. The 39-year-old’s bout with Masvidal will air exclusively on Fanmio this Saturday night.

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