Money In The Bank 2024 Winners: Thoughts On Drew McIntyre And Tiffany Stratton

The Money In The Bank 2024 ladder matches have come and gone, so let's get into thoughts on the winners, Drew McIntyre and Tiffany Stratton.

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The Money In The Bank 2024 ladder matches have come and gone, so let’s get into thoughts on the winners, Drew McIntyre and Tiffany Stratton.

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Simple and direct, right? So let’s talk about our 2024 briefcase winners, in their order of appearance.

Drew McIntyre

The men’s ladder match started us off in Toronto. It was an interesting lineup. Out of the six participants, only one had ever held a world title-Drew McIntyre. It was pretty exciting to consider that the odds were favorable for a new face lined up to become champion. And there were some agonizingly close calls. Chad Gable was so very close, but then he was left hanging-literally.

Then it looked like Jey Uso would indeed become Mr. Mon-Yeet In The Bank. That is, until Drew McIntyre intervened and used a ladder as a spear. McIntyre tossed it at Uso, who was unhooking the briefcase. Then he wasn’t, and the road was clear. McIntyre scampered up the ladder, all by himself, and become the 2024 men’s Money In The Bank winner.

And as he promised, we wouldn’t wait long to see him cash in. He came down late in the Rollins/Priest title match and made use of the case. Doing so made it just the 2nd time a briefcase was used to turn a title match into a triple threat. But that was the opening someone else needed. Priest and Rollins were game enough, but just when Drew seemed to be getting close, CM Punk arrived and obliterated the 2024 winner. With the damage done, Priest was able to pin Drew and retain.

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In doing so, it sets up plenty for Punk, if he can stay healthy. Punk versus McIntyre seems to be the play at SummerSlam. However, Seth Rollins was pretty incensed in his own right. Punk’s interference cost him the title too. And, considering the stipulation, it is presumed that indeed, as long as Priest is champion, Rollins cannot be the challenger. RAW will be very interesting on July 8th, that’s for sure.

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My thoughts

My thoughts? It does add heat to an already smoldering feud. Actually, two of them, since Rollins/Punk was planned for WrestleMania 40 and was missed. But, as nuclear as things went because Punk came out and did Punk things? Money In The Bank is gone for this year, not to be seen again for another year. The briefcase is cashed in, and Drew’s failed. In terms of failed cash-ins? Cena, Otis, Mr. Kennedy, Baron Corbin? Sure, Otis and Kennedy never actually cashed them in. Or, Theory, using it on the US title because they wanted the case on him, but no one was beating Reigns then.

Theory’s was bad. Otis winning to never cash in was bad. This one? It was bad too. You could have easily had CM Punk push Drew off the ladder preventing his win, and put the briefcase in the hands of someone else who could do much more with it. Meaning, I don’t think Punk and Drew (and Seth) needed to use a briefcase and failed cash in to get more heat. They could have gotten it in other ways.

One crazy thing I thought we may have seen? When Punk eyed the title, after Drew had taken all the chair shots. I half expected him to put McIntyre in the ring, then take out one of Priest or Rollins and allow Drew to win the title. Because then it isn’t a wasted cash-in, and the Drew-Punk match we know we are getting? It got a whole lot bigger.

Tiffany Stratton

In my opinion, the best winner of the two this year. Any doubt about that video doing damage? Gone and forgotten. The women’s ladder match offered plenty of new faces, plus a couple of veterans wanting another shot. Any of a few would have been awesome choices. The match itself was exceptional. Tiffany Stratton was a deserving winner, in what was I think the best match on the card. But I could have said that even if Tiffany Stratton had not left Toronto with the briefcase.

drew mcintyre tiffany stratton
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But in the end, Chelsea Green nearly overcame her fear of heights, but did so to go through a pair of tables instead of winning. Because, as we have been expecting and hearing, it’s Tiffy Time. The former gymnast continues her meteoric rise, winning the Money In The Bank briefcase after less than a year on the main roster. Seriously think about that. She’s 25 years old, she’s been on the main roster less than a year, and she hasn’t even been a professional wrestler for three yet. Her debut was in November of 2021. She’s on a rocket to the top, and I’d bet dollars to donuts that Stratton’s cash in goes a lot better than Drew’s.

Just by the sheer fact that Stratton gets to walk around on RAW and SmackDown, should she wish, holding that briefcase over the heads of every women’s champion on the roster? That makes her 2024 run with the case so much more awesome.

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McIntyre and Stratton did their part, and just within their respective ladder matches? They did well. In the grand scheme, I think Stratton’s win will mean so much more for her than McIntyre’s will for him. Though, his failed cash in may push him further over the edge, so maybe I will change my tune in due time. Regardless, our 2024 briefcase winners McIntyre and Stratton will forever be linked in WWE history.

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