Final Update On Ricochet’s WWE Status And Future

It was an unexpected news item for June, but we've got a final update on Ricochet and his future in WWE and, maybe, AEW.

Update Ricochet WWE
Credit: wwe

It was an unexpected news item for June, but we’ve got a final update on Ricochet and his future in WWE and, maybe, AEW.

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Seems like only the other day that news broke where Ricochet had given WWE notice that he would not be re-signing with the company. We had heard that his contract was winding down, but as with a number of other talents over the last year or so, you just assumed something would work out. Except, they have not, and it does not appear likely that anything will.

So long…

So, what is Ricochet’s WWE status?

Update Ricochet WWE
Credit: wwe

News of his impending exit broke over a weekend, while he was still WWE Speed Champion (the first ever). Following that news, he quickly dropped the title. What’s worse, he was also violently written off of WWE television thanks to Bron Breakker. It’s a minor bummer, because Ricochet has been delivering some great work lately. He and Logan Paul was a more entertaining feud than many probably expected. Ricochet versus Ilja Dragunov? Sign me up for more.

But, as of July 1, Ricochet’s contract is over. WWE actually moved him to the alumni section of the website on Sunday. Per Fightful, with the contract now expired, the former WWE Superstar is free to go anywhere at any time. Because he wasn’t released, he is not subject to a non-compete. Unlike Jeff Hardy, Ricochet’s contract did not expire in time for him to be used in a big PPV for a competing company (AEW’s Forbidden Door on June 30). But, in spite of that timing not lining up, many expect that he will indeed sign with AEW.

For what it’s worth, the report from Fightful also mentioned that, in spite of some crazy rumors, Ricochet versus Wil Ospreay was never planned for Forbidden Door due to the WWE contract not being expired yet. But, as of now, Ricochet’s WWE status is, well, he has none. So, does the latest WWE update on Ricochet indicate a future in AEW?

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