Chad Gable’s Plans If He Hadn’t Re-Signed With WWE

chad gable re-signed wwe
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It was a hot topic until the deal got done, but what would Chad Gable’s plans look like if he hadn’t re-signed with WWE?

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For much of the last couple months, two things have happened. On one hand, Chad Gable has been involved in one of the hotter non-Bloodline stories in WWE. But on the other, his WWE contract was nearing its expiration. There was plenty of talk about whether WWE would re-sign him, or if Gable would want to see what other promotions had to offer. After all, there were strong rumors supporting significant AEW interest in the former Olympic hopeful.

While reports on the negotiations were scarce, the company still booked Gable for an Intercontinental Championship match. Some figured booking him in such a match was because a deal was close. Others thought that maybe it was booked to entice Gable. Many figured that, without a new deal, there was no chance WWE would do the title change, which he has certainly earned. And just before that match, Gable himself confirmed that he had indeed re-signed with WWE. While he did not claim the gold, he is after something bigger. He is one of six in the ladder match to claim the Money In The Bank briefcase.

chad gable re-signed w we
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But what would Chad Gable do had he not re-signed with WWE?

Master Gable spoke with Peter Rosenberg on his show and talked how things could have gone. Interestingly, Gable seemed to dismiss talks of him joining AEW. He said that while everyone was quick to assume that, he does have other things to fall back to. Chad mentioned his degrees (one of which is a Masters) and thought that, had the wrestling not worked out, he could have gone into digital media and production. Meaning, just because he is a very good wrestler, does not mean that is all he can do.

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Now that he’s re-signed with WWE, he can enjoy a lot of things happening. He has a chance to be the champion-in-waiting, while also working through the Alpha Academy drama. And if that isn’t enough, Gable seems to be the first target of the newly introduced Wyatt Sicks.

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