VIDEO: Wyatt Sick6 Send Second Cryptic Message That They Could Be Targeting Pat McAfee?

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The hottest new faction in WWE, the Wyatt Sick6, sent another sign on Friday that popular podcaster and WWE Smackdown commentator Pat McAfee could be in their crosshairs.

After weeks of hints in QR codes and build-up for their anticipated debut, the group being called the Wyatt Sick6 — or Wyatt Sicks — finally appeared on a WWE broadcast this week. And boy did the quintet make a statement. While they said little, they left many WWE performers and staff laid out backstage, including recent Intercontinental title challenger Chad Gable.

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Since Monday, there has been a lot of talk about what will come next, along with reports that the group is expected to have a major impact on various programs on WWE Raw in the weeks ahead. However, on Wednesday they seemed to have an impact in the unlikeliest of places.

During a recent edition of “The Pat McAfee Show,” the episode abruptly ended in the middle of an interview. Members of the show were seen wondering what something was off in the distance on the set and then all the lights went out in a similar fashion to how they did on Raw seconds before the Wyatt Sick6 debuted.

Wyatt Sick6 delivers cryptic message on Friday’s ‘Pat McAfee Show’

Well, the lights didn’t go off during Friday’s show. Instead, the ESPN and YouTube broadcast ended with an old-school videotape message stating, “You Lied.” The presentation of the message was exactly the same as video messages in various QR codes ahead of the faction’s debut this week.

The Wyatt Sick6 could be using McAfee’s huge platform to send a message to the whole WWE roster again but it is an odd place for it to show up. Especially two times in one week. It is enough evidence that Pat McAfee and his staff should be worried about being the next victims of the terrifying new members of Raw.

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