WWE Was Unaware Of Sexxy Red Arrest Hours Before Battleground; Will She Be Invited Back?

In a twist I bet you didn't see coming, WWE was unaware of Sexxy Red's arrest hours before Battleground-will she be invited back?

WWE Unaware Sexxy Red Arrest
Credit: wwe

In a twist I bet you didn’t see coming, WWE was unaware of Sexxy Red’s arrest hours before Battleground-will she be invited back?

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If you missed the lates NXT featured event (is it really a PLE?), you can find our results here. WWE moved this one to the Apex Arena, home of UFC. To make the event even more engaging or unique, the company enlisted the help of rapper Sexxy Red. She was to serve as the host for the evening, and indeed she did. On Sunday, during the event, things seemed perfectly fine.

Now, maybe not so much?

WWE Unaware Sexxy Red Arrest
Credit: wwe

Turns out that on Saturday morning, Sexxy Red was arrested due to an altercation at Newark’s Liberty International Airport. That in and of itself isn’t a big deal. Not dismissing what got her in trouble at all, but she wasn’t arrested and detained for something super nefarious. The big deal here is that, according to Fightful, WWE officials were unaware of her arrest leading up to the event. Somehow, she got herself arrested some 36 hours ahead of the event. And in the hours between Saturday morning and Sunday evening, WWE officials were unaware.

After the fact, it does sound like officials were happy with her guest hosting duties. It seems like they were open to having her involved in some capacity again in the future. What remains to be seen is if her arrest-or how she didn’t disclose it-changes those views. Thus far, it does not seem to have had an impact on her relationship with WWE. The company has shown a bit more willingness to give second chances, as we’ve seen WWE Superstars hit with drug arrests as well as firearms related charges in recent years, with no outwardly obvious negative impact. So, WWE and Sexxy Red could surely work more in the future. So, was WWE unaware of the Sexxy Red arrest?

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