WWE Considering Old Name For Hell In A Cell Anniversary

Hell In A Cell Anniversary
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Hard to believe it’s been around as long as it has, but to honor it, WWE is considering reviving an old name for the upcoming Hell in a Cell Anniversary.

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Fans know plenty of WWE premium live evens. Not many are named for a single match, but those that are? That match tends to be epic. The Royal Rumble is an easy one. So too is Money In The Bank, though you could say its as much for the briefcase as it is for the ladder match. Another event that we’ve enjoyed? Hell In A Cell. Mind you, this premium live event named for the match? It didn’t start as it’s own show. Rather, the demonic structure was cooked up and the match idea was born. Only later did it get a PLE named for it.

hell in a cell anniversary
Credit: wwe

Bad Blood Back?

According to PWInsider, WWE is considering reviving Bad Blood for an October iteration of Hell In A Cell. This is significant because the first ever Hell In A Cell took place October 5, 1997. That match pitted Shawn Michaels against The Undertaker. The event could actually take place 27 years to the day from the first one, as October 5th is a Saturday. Of course, there are whispers that WWE may shift away from Saturdays, but not yet.

It is not a major anniversary, in that it’s not the 25th or 30th, for example. But, it’s still a big deal for a crazy match. Would we say it’s a cell anniversary? Or a hell anniversary? And, if you look around WWE, there are at least a couple feuds I could see landing inside the cell that would make things interesting. Stay tuned, we could see the return of Bad Blood. So, are you excited about the Hell in a Cell anniversary show?

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