With Another Contract Expiring, Could WWE Lose Ricochet This Summer?

Yes, add yet one more Superstar to the list: with another contract expiring, could WWE lose Ricochet this summer?

WWE Lose Ricochet Summer
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Yes, one more to the list: with another contract expiring, could WWE lose Ricochet this summer?

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It seems like a nearly daily happening now. News emerges of some WWE Superstar’s contract expiring in the coming days, weeks or months. Or, alternatively, we learn that some major Superstar has avoided free agency and inked a new long term deal. We’ve seen both a fair amount in 2024 already, and it seems like we will be seeing more along the way. We know that Becky Lynch’s deal is basically over, and it seems she might just take some time off before doing anything. Chad Gable’s runs out soon too. Now we are learning that WWE Superstar-and first-ever Speed champion-Ricochet has a deal expiring in the coming months as well.

Contractual Fun Times Ahead

It’s something that WWE probably would wish to have avoided-having so many contracts terminate around the same time. Or, letting negotiations get so close to zero hour. But there are some obvious reasons for it (as well as some possibly specific to each Superstar which we might never know). Late in 2023, WWE got purchased by Endeavor and was dealing with the formation of TKO. With that came a whole lot of administrative work, and some contract renewals got put on the back burner. Names like Seth Rollins and Drew McIntyre saw their deals nearly expire before they secured new ones.

WWE Lose Ricochet Summer
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According to Fightful, Ricochet’s deal is set to expire over the summer. It would seem likely that they would want to bring him back-he’s been nothing if not a steady Superstar. Plus, he has motivation to stay, as his better have currently is the ring announcer for RAW (shoutout Samantha Irvin). Not that he couldn’t jump, but perhaps he’d rather stay on the road with her. But, we do know that AEW’s Wil Ospreay has gone on record thinking that WWE is misusing the high flying former Prince Puma. I am sure Ospreay would love to have a talent like Ricochet join him. Per the report, negotiations are expected to be ongoing, so things should get worked out. But, there is at least a chance WWE could lose Ricochet this summer.

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