Will Ricochet Sign With AEW After Sudden Call To Leave WWE?

We learned late Saturday how Ricochet has opted to not re-sign with WWE, leading to questions if he will join AEW.

Ricochet AEW
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We learned late Saturday how Ricochet has opted to not re-sign with WWE, leading to questions if he will join AEW.

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There are more than the average amount of contracts getting ready to expire. WWE has successfully re-signed wrestlers like Seth Rollins and Bobby Lashley. At the same time, Becky Lynch chose not to re-sign and WWE is actively looking to ink the likes of Chad Gable. It is strange how WWE is waiting until close to the expiration dates dates to offer new deals. Ricochet’s deal was up this summer and he already told WWE he is his leaving.

As for what is next, there should be offers being made from around the world. Before WWE, Ricochet was well known in North America, South America, Europe and Japan. Fightful Select reports how others are giving him tons of credit for betting on himself by being a free-agent. “AEW staff and talent backstage this past week were talking about the possibility of Ricochet joining the company,” the report stated. “We haven’t heard that there had been official talks of the sort. Ricochet is still under contract with WWE, and we’re told that nothing is an impossibility, but as of Friday, all indications were that he’d decided to leave the company.”

Plenty Of Options For Ricochet After WWE

Ricochet AEW

Contracts are tricky and any promotion will wait until he is he officially a free-agent. Otherwise, it is a legal mess. AEW seems like a strong possibility because they are known to sign almost any known wrestler from WWE. Although, he would be a hit in Japan and TNA has also shown they are willing to sign a top name if it benefits the promotion. Ricochet in TNA’s X-Division would create some unforgettable moments.

He had a decent run in WWE considering his short size. Whether NXT or the main roster, he was true highlight-reel. He won the Intercontinental Championship, was the inaugural Speed Championship, United States Champion, NXT North American Championship and winner of the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic. He might be the most accomplished short wrestler in WWE history, outside of Rey Mysterio. So, will Ricochet join AEW or find somewhere else to call home?

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