Video: Russian HFC Fighter Gets Put To Sleep After Trying To Attack Rival After A Win

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Hardcore Fighting Champions (HFC,) a Russian MMA promotion with a knack for viral moments, has given us its latest bizarre offering.

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In a clip that is making the rounds on social media, a post-fight stare down turned into an unsanctioned post-lim. 

The video begins with a fighter in red trucks fresh off a win and ready to hype his next challenge. He is engaged in a stare down with another man, presumably a future opponent, dressed in plain clothes.

As words are exchanged between the two, the tension quickly rose. The fighter in the red trunks ducked under the extended arm of the ring announcer holding a microphone to shoot a double leg takedown on the in-cage guest. 

Unfortunately for him, the sudden act of hubris took a humbling turn. The man in plain clothes not only successfully defended the takedown while being pushed to the fence, but he also sunk in a guillotine choke. 

Without anyone stepping to intervene, the man was forced to crank the choke harder from his closed guard. Within seconds the aggressor went limp which then motivated others in the cage, including the recently defeated opponent and coaches, to finally step in and separate them.

While the now unconscious “winner” is being tended to, another unidentified man in plain clothes tripped the impromptu rival. Thankfully, no further violence ensued as a result.

HFC Does It Again

This is far from the first time HFC has provided some extracurricular fisticuffs. The promotion, which features inconsistent logos and branding on social media, has made a presence in the sport based solely on videos of intense stare downs and promotional events that turn into violence. 

In one of the more popular clips from last year, another fighter was choked unconscious while sitting on a couch by the man sitting beside him during a group promo event.

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