The Dream Match We Never Got: The Undertaker Versus Andre The Giant

Wrestling promoters love epic clashes, and here's the dream match we never got: The Undertaker versus Andre The Giant.

the undertaker andre the giant
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Wrestling promoters love epic clashes, and here’s the dream match we never got: The Undertaker versus Andre The Giant.

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Over the years, wrestlers and wrestling fans have embraced and enjoyed the concept of dream matches. For major shows, like WrestleMania or SummerSlam, WWE often seeks out bigger names to help draw people in. Some years, bigger names are more needed than others. Right now, WWE is enjoying tremendous success with or without the big cameos.

Of course, we still get them. Most recently we enjoyed an extended run from The Rock, which wrapped up shortly after WrestleMania 40. Fans love their nostalgia, and it was a fun program. Night two of WrestleMania actually gave us a number of surprises too, with appearances from John Cena and The Undertaker as well.

the undertaker andre the giant
Credit: wwe

The Undertaker is no stranger to huge matches-dream matches even. For years, he was an attraction at the Showcase of the Immortals, thanks to The Streak. While that came to an end, he remained a draw for the annual event. While the WWE Hall of Famer may have been a dream opponent for many Superstars, there was one we never got.

Could you imagine talking about The Undertaker battling Andre The Giant?

It could have happened. Both Superstars wanted it to happen, but it never came to be. What’s crazier, it was Andre’s idea, and only Andre The Giant seems to have ever known the details of what match he had planned. The Phenom mentioned on a podcast that the late Hall of Famer would tell the then-young Superstar that at some time in the future, the two giants would go at it in the ring. Sadly, Andre was already having health struggles, and as things got worse, it meant we’d never see the match. But it’s an enjoyable one to imagine.

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