Matt Riddle Works Birthday Party, Shows Love For Randy Orton With RKO Into Pool

He's not in WWE anymore, but Matt Riddle still loves Randy Orton and shows it as he delivers an RKO into a swimming pool.

Matt Riddle Birthday Party
Credit: wwe

He’s not in WWE anymore, but Matt Riddle still loves Randy Orton and shows it with an RKO into a swimming pool at a birthday party.

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Some might read this and think Riddle is crazy. Others may realize the level of respect he seems to still have for his former tag team partner. Or it could be another example of what we often see in wrestling-gimmick infringement. Then again, if you watch the video, you might also come away thinking it’s a new low for the former WWE Superstar dubbed the Original Bro.

As covered by SEScoops, Matt Riddle was working a match in a most unique venue. He scored a deal to work for Valley Wrestling Connection, at an an event apparently dubbed In Your House (talk about infringement). During his bout against the intimidating Vegan Superman, the former Superstar delivered an RKO out of nowhere, into a pool.

Matt Riddle Randy Orton
Credit: wwe

You can take the Superstar out of WWE. You can’t take the move set out of the Superstar, however.

But is it a new low?

For the former UFC and WWE talent, is wrestling at such an indie event a new low? Or is he just doing whatever comes up? I won’t be one to judge, work is work. Plus, whatever you think about the booking decision, you can’t deny the job worked. It got Riddle coverage in wrestling news, so it’s keeping him relevant. He has of course also worked for promotions such as MLW and NJPW since leaving WWE last year.

Will this help him get back to something bigger? Could this make AEW come calling, or perhaps have WWE reconsider? Probably not, but it is certainly better news than he had been making. Personally I’d love to see him get back into WWE. After all, Randy Orton has returned from his extended injury absence and is once again dealing with the Bloodline. Which is a foe familiar to the Original Bro, too. It would make too much sense, but I wouldn’t bet on it. So, Matt Riddle went from WrestleMania to working a birthday party in what we might call a major setback.

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