Final Backstage Notes On WWE’s Plan For Uncle Howdy Faction

We have seen plenty of hype and here are the final details about the Uncle Howdy faction, which is set to debut on Monday's RAW.

Uncle Howdy Faction
Credit: WWE

We have seen plenty of hype and here are the final details about the Uncle Howdy faction, which is set to debut on Monday’s RAW.

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For months, we have been seeing QR codes all over TV. Mostly, WWE has ignored them but they could not do so at Clash At The Castle. Early into the show, a warning message appeared and the commentary team noted how it was ‘scary.’ All signs point to Uncle Howdy and his new stable debuting during the closing segment of RAW.

In the final update on the incoming group, Fightful Select went over several things they learned. The group will feature Uncle Howdy, Nikki Cross, Dexter Lumis and Erick Rowan. While Alexa Bliss was not listed, the report noted how others could join later. Also, there will be no supernatural elements like The Fiend had. This was done as some fans thought that factor did not help the character evolve. Finally, Firefly House characters Mercy The Buzzard, Huskus Pig and the White Rabbit are not scheduled at this point.

Bray Wyatt’s Idea Continues With Uncle Howdy

Uncle Howdy Faction
Credit: WWE

Besides that, no other information has leaked. Clearly, WWE is keeping the details closely guarded. Uncle Howdy is Bo Dallas; the younger brother of the late Bray Wyatt. Cross has off TV for months and even before then, rarely used. While away, she continued her higher education. Lumis has been absent for a year and was spotted a few weeks ago with much longer facial hair. Rowan was rehired by WWE not long ago and he will be the only member who was also part of the Wyatt Family.

When Wyatt passed away unexpectedly last August at 36, WWE dropped all his storylines. The Bray Wyatt documentary hinted about Uncle Howdy returning and here we are. The build has been similar to Wyatt’s second stint with the company. I feel this is either going to be a hit or an idea WWE drops rather quickly. It seems impossible to match Wyatt’s visions. So, will the Uncle Howdy faction be major success?

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