Dominik Mysterio Could Be Back Wrestling A Lot Sooner Than Expected

He has missed several months of in ring action, but Dominik Mysterio could be back wrestling a lot sooner than expected.

Dominik Mysterio Wrestling Sooner
Credit: WWE

He has missed several months of in ring action, but Dominik Mysterio could be back wrestling a lot sooner than expected.

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Just a couple months ago, we saw Dominik on WWE TV with his arm in a sling. Word came out that he suffered an elbow ligament injury that was expected to require Tommy John surgery. That is a procedure named for a former Major League Baseball pitcher, and it is predominantly seen in those athletes. Of course, it is not restricted to MLB pitchers-other position players tear their elbows up too. We’ve seen it in other sports, and now in wrestling too, with Dominik.

Not so fast

One thing about the procedure? Especially for pitchers, surgery of that level is seen as a last resort. If you need that, you are down and out for the better part of a year to recover. Pitching, of course, puts a lot more strain on the elbow than say, professional wrestling. So when Mysterio was said to be missing the rest of the year, it was bad. But WWE did keep him around, which was smart as he has maintained his nuclear heat. And it isn’t hard to keep him on TV but avoiding physicality. It seemed like maybe they were delaying surgery.

dominik mysterio wrestling sooner
Credit: wwe

Except, we didn’t see that happen on the June 3rd edition of RAW. While he didn’t really get super physical, he also didn’t shy away from it entirely. There may be a reason for that. According to the Wrestling Observer, while the procedure was initially planned, it has not happened and may not. As with other athletes, rather than rushing to go under the knife, the medical team looking after Dominik’s elbow appear to have taken a cautious approach. Giving him time to rest and heal seems to have worked, with the Observer reporting that he has returned to some physical in-ring training. That appears to be a good sign that we might see Mysterio back wrestling a lot sooner than initially planned.

Of course, sometimes things fall apart rapidly after that initial return. Hopefully Dom doesn’t suffer any sort of setback or re-injuring of the elbow. But for now, it appears that the current approach may have paid off well. So, will Dominik Mysterio be wrestling sooner than originally excepted?

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