Devin Haney: Ryan Garcia Should Be ‘Banned’ For Life, Says If Cheating Was Allowed, He’d Do it

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Devin Haney no longer has a blemish on his professional record.

Following the confirmation that Ryan Garcia failed his post-fight drug test, the result of his loss was overturned to a no-contest.

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But that isn’t enough for Haney, who is now the WBC “Champion in Recess.”

“I don’t think cheating should be in the sport of boxing,” Haney said on The MMA Hour (thanks to MMA Fighting for the quotes). “If I felt that, shit, I’d be cheating myself. If you get caught cheating, I think you should be banned. For life.

“Because we literally go in and put our life on the line each time. We see guys get killed in the ring.”

Haney continued, claiming Garcia “must have felt something” because he had never tested positive before.

“But against me, he did,” Haney said. “It’s no coincidence. He must obviously have felt the threat from me. He was covering his ass just in case he lost and was going to play the crazy role.”

Garcia made plenty of headlines in the build-up with his antics outside the ring. Inside of it, though, he dominated Haney, dropping the fight on his way to the win.

Garcia has been suspended for one year from boxing. He also failed to make weight for the Haney fight, costing him a chance at winning the title.

Devin Haney Could Remain Sidelined Until Rematch

While Haney doesn’t believe in Garcia cheating, he does seem to want to fight him again.

He has claimed he could wait until 2026 to return when Garcia would be cleared.

“I signed up fro a fair fight,” he said. “I signed a contract for a fair fight where we do drug testing. Where we go in and I’m clean and he’s clean, and that wasn’t the case.

“He will pay in the ring. I want to get it back in blood in the ring.”

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