Could Ricochet Make One More WWE Appearance + When Contract Expires

Could Ricochet make one more WWE appearance, and when does his contract expire?

Ricochet More WWE Appearance
Credit: wwe

The man reportedly gave notice to the company over the weekend, but could Ricochet make one more WWE appearance, and when does his contract expire?

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If you watched the June 10th RAW, you saw what happened to poor Ricochet. Based on the reports that came out the weekend prior, it was largely expected. Specifically, news broke on Saturday that Ricochet gave notice to WWE. That followed earlier reports that his WWE contract expired this summer. And in the midst of that, you had former rival and current AEW talent Wil Ospreay stumping to bring Ricochet into his company. Not saying his campaign worked, but it seems that is where Ricochet will end up.

What’s going on?

Ricochet More WWE Appearance
Credit: wwe

Based on the weekend news, many expected that WWE would creatively write Ricochet out of the company on RAW. While he wasn’t in a match, he did indeed get destroyed by Bron Breakker. If that’s the last time we see the high flyer, so be it. But, according to PWInsider, there has been at least some discussion of having Ricochet make one final appearance before his contract expires. That’s an indication of the strength of the buzz around him now, I suppose.

As for when the appearance could be, and more important, when that contract expires? Per the same report, it appears the contract runs out in July. The current expectation is that, while he could come back. Although odds are we saw his final appearance on RAW this week. Of course, as some have pointed out, until we see him in AEW this summer, there’s always a chance that he and WWE come to terms on a new deal.

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