Brock Lesnar Reveals The Strongest Man He Ever Faced In WWE, And The Answer Will Surprise

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During a recent interview, WWE legend Brock Lesnar revealed who was the strongest man he ever battled during his wrestling career, and surprisingly it is not future Hall of Famer the Big Show.

Brock Lesnar will go down as one of the biggest freak athletes not just in professional wrestling history, but all of combat sports. The 6-foot-3 near 300-pounder is a behemoth with shocking athleticism for his size. His ability to reach the top in very different companies like WWE and UFC is proof of how gifted he is genetically.

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During his iconic WWE career, he has been known for taking foes to “suplex city” and tossing them around with an F5 before securing victories. That is why many believe he is probably the pound-for-pound strongest man to ever compete in the company. However, during a recent conversation with GFN (GymFailNation), the multi-time world champion revealed that there was one wrestling great who was frustratingly stronger than “The Beast.”

Kane is the strongest wrestler Brock Lesnar ever faced?

Credit: WWE

“At one of the events, the guys in the back were all testing their strength by arm wrestling. Most of them were there to ‘impress the divas’. I remember going through all of them, even Paul [Big Show], who had bananas for fingers. The only guy I remember being stronger than me and it pissed me off because I hated not being first was Kane. Nobody in the WWE was as strong as that guy. Trying to push his arm down was like trying to knock over a tree with one arm.”

– Brock Lesnar (h/t BJPenn.com)

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For years, there have been many tales told about the absurd strength of WWE greats like the Big Show, former weight-lifting champion Mark Henry, and even John Cena. However, Kane is not mentioned often in stories of super-human strength from WWE alumni.

However, if Brock Lesnar says you are the strongest person he has ever encountered, that is a huge feather of the cap of Kane in the debate of the strongest men in WWE history.

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