Bill Goldberg Takes Petty Shot at WWE Legend Bret Hart, Calls Him ‘The Moron I Kicked In The Head’

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The decades-long rivalry between Bill Goldberg and Bret Hart got a new edition to the story when the WCW legend took an unnecessary shot at the WWE icon during a recent interview.

Bret Hart and Bill Goldberg will go down as two of the most successful and popular wrestlers of all time but for very different reasons. The son of Stu Hart took the name “The Excellence of Execution” due to his elite-level technical acumen inside the ring. The former football star developed a legion of fans from his brutal and hard-hitting style.

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That impactful style was the topic of discussion when the former WCW and WWE world champion made an appearance on the “Von Erich Podcast” this week. While explaining the differences between his era and the current generation he spoke on how his style was so hard-hitting that sometimes it was hard to tell if it was real or not, and that sometimes it passed the line of safety.

Bill Goldberg takes an ugly shot at Bret Hart

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“Unfortunately, a couple of times, [Scott] Steiner, I’m not even gonna mention his name, the moron I kicked in the head, but unfortunately things like that happen,” Goldberg said. “It’s a rough business. As long as there’s not malicious intent. You’re in the wrong business if you b**** and moan about getting slapped or getting punched errantly. It’s just a different day and age. It just is. (h/t NoDQ.com)”

Hart has spoken many times about the event that led to the early end of his wrestling career. During a match with Goldberg at pay-per-view in 1999, an errant kick to the head from the Atlanta Falcons veteran led to a concussion for Hart.

Unfortunately, he competed several more times after which led to a situation where he was unable to further compete due to the brain damage incurred andretire well before he hoped.

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