Andrade Questions How Triple H Is Booking Latino Superstars

He's been back a few months and the honeymoon period seems to be over, as now Andrade questions how Triple H is booking Latino Superstars.

Andrade Questions Triple H
Credit: WWE

He’s been back a few months and the honeymoon period seems to be over, as now Andrade questions how Triple H is booking Latino Superstars.

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Many fans have criticized wrestling bookers for a long time over how certain ethnicities are booked. While we can surely understand why women fight women, or why little people wrestled little people (back when we got to enjoy Hornswoggle or Dink or those talents), history shows us some iffy booking within the men’s ranks. And for the purposes of the next few paragraphs? This one is all about WWE. Triple H is in charge now, and he’s largely been a breath of fresh air, but not everything has been perfect. Some tendencies remain, and fans have noticed.

And now, Andrade is chiming in too.

Fans have been less than thrilled about Andrade has been booked since he came back to WWE from his time in AEW. We saw him pop back up during the 2024 Royal Rumble, and he’s been bounced between RAW and SmackDown since. But, all along, he’s primarily worked with a very specific subset of Superstars. That is, he is either working with or against fellow Latino talents. While these talents are certainly top notch, the rosters on both brands are beyond stacked. Meaning, there is no reason for Andrade to only be working amongst the Latino World Order and Legado del Fantasma.

andrade questions triple h
Credit: wwe

Fans have been complaining about this on social media, and Andrade got in on the trending topic. Basically, in English and Spanish on Twitter, Andrade did not disagree. His reply to a fan, when translated, said “I wonder the same!!!!!.” Clearly, he sees a pattern.

The comment is valid, when you think about it. While working with Santos Escobar or Rey Mysterio is nothing to sneeze at, why couldn’t Andrade take on someone like Sami Zayn or Shinsuke Nakamura? Point being, there are plenty of Superstars to mix it up with. When he isn’t bouncing around between Latino factions, the former champion has also been seen on WWE Speed. It makes you wonder if he’s regretting his decision to come back to WWE.

While I have faith that WWE can fix the less than ideal booking, let’s hope things get adjusted quickly. As good as Andrade is, he is capable of holding his own with most anyone on the roster. As Andrade questions Triple H via social media, let’s hope the Superstar is having more constructive discussions behind the scenes.

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