AEW’s Jim Ross Suffers Another Medical Setback

Recent years have been hard on him, and now AEW's Jim Ross suffers yet another medical setback

Jim Ross Medical Setback
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Recent years have been hard on him, and now AEW’s Jim Ross suffers yet another medical setback.

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Long a WWE mainstay, he is one of the best commentators in professional wrestling history. He has left a mark on AEW, WWE and while it existed, WCW as well. But the WWE Hall of Famer is no stranger to medical issues, especially in recent years. Fans may remember his openness about his Bell’s Palsy, but that diagnosis seems tame in comparison to what Ross has dealt with recently.

He’s been diagnosed with cancer and dealt with that on multiple occasions. And while not a sickness, as he’s getting older you can count his stumble and fall against him too, as he looked like he’d been beaten up from it. The older you get, the worse a fall can be. But again, that’s all in the past, it’s behind him, he’s good, right?

Sadly no.

Earlier this year, Ross was heading home to, as he put it, take stock of things. Which as I read it, sure sounded like someone who was strongly considering retiring from his already reduced workload. Honestly, I wouldn’t blame him, but you can tell he genuinely loves the industry. But on his way home, he fell ill and wound up in the ER. Turned out he got hit hard by the flu, which can be much worse in more at-risk people. He fought it off, and recently seemed like he was on his way back to call AEW action.

Jim Ross Medical Setback
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Except, it came back. Either Good Ol’ JR had not fully kicked the bug, or someone else gave it back to him. The legend posted on social media that he was having issues again, and was going back to the hospital. Just want Jim Ross needed, another medical setback.

Wishing him the best and hoping for a speedy recovery with his latest medical setback.

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